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Published: October 31, 2022

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  • Players experience a ton of crashes
  • Many cannot turn off cross-play, as the option to do so glitches out
  • Most of these issues appear in the PC and Xbox versions of the game

Although Modern Warfare II is one of the most anticipated games of the year, it is not immune to having teething troubles.

Crashes Plague MWII on Launch

No matter how big and popular the studio is or how much money it has spent on its product, video games often have teething issues and bugs that come up during the game’s launch. The much-anticipated remake of the most popular Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare II, is no exception. 

Just hours after the game’s multiplayer mode finally launched, players started reporting experiencing multiple crashes. The crash reports vary a lot, with some players reporting they encounter a crash while in the middle of the match, while others say they cannot even get past the game’s loading screen. However, one common thing stands out as the majority of these crash reports are coming from PC players. 

Developer Infinity Ward has already noted the issue and urged fans to watch out for updates. The devs have also released a few quick patches in an attempt to fix the problems, but players seem to continue having crashes.

Until a proper fix is released in the coming days, players will most likely continue to suffer from these issues. However, some things can still be done to diminish the possibility of a crash. According to Modern Warzone on Twitter, the crashes occur more often when players are queuing up with friends, so one way to have less of a chance for a crash is to play alone. 

Disable Cross-Play Option Is Not Working

Crashes are not the only major bug players have been encountering. One other annoying early problem of MWII is the fact that many Xbox and PC are unable to turn off cross-play. One of the biggest selling points for Call of Duty has always been the cross-playability between platforms.

However, when it comes to multi-platform FPS games, there has always been the discussion of mouse and keyboard versus controller. Players from both sides have often stated that the other side has an unfair advantage in multiplayer. Console players have said that a mouse gives much better precision while PC players have stated that the console’s aim assist function gives an advantage. 

The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, but regardless, it’s still an annoyance when you want to play against those who use the same platform as you, but the game glitches out and removes the button from your game. A discussion on Reddit suggests that this is the case for PC and Xbox players, while PlayStation users still have access to the disable cross-play option. 

Considering Modern Warfare II’s multiplayer launched just hours before the writing of this article, it shouldn’t be surprising that some early issues will rear their ugly heads. Regardless, it’s still annoying and unknown when these problems will be fixed. 

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