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Published: December 22, 2022

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  • The esports organization the streamer will look for new opportunities
  • Both parties seem to be parting ways on good terms
  • IWillDominate said he will soon release a video explaining the reasons for his departure

League of Legends streamer Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera ends his two-year-long stint as a content creator for Cloud9 with fans speculating it’s Twitch’s fault.

IWillDominate Leaves C9

The end of the year signifies the time for many esports organizations and professional players to part ways in search of new opportunities. But competitors aren’t the only ones who are leaving organizations. Streamers and other content creators also sometimes use the end of the professional season to make a career change. 

Cloud9’s Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera, who was signed to the organization as a streamer and content creator, announced he is leaving it to search for new opportunities. This puts an end to both parties’ two-year collaboration. “Thank you for always keeping us entertained, from your co-streams to your spicy takes,” wrote C9 on Twitter. “Best of luck with your next adventure.”

Rivera’s departure from C9’s streamer roster was somewhat of a surprise to many. It seemed like he liked his job with C9 and so to many fans him suddenly deciding to leave is strange. However, it seems the problem is external and not any of the two sides’ fault. Rivera was keen to point out that he leaves Cloud9 on good terms with the organization and is going to put out a video explaining his decision. He also left the possibility open for him to return to C9 sometime in the future.

How Did Fans React?

It seems Rivera’s update was not enough for many fans, so many already want fast explanations. According to many of them, Rivera deciding to leave C9 has something to do with Twitch itself. They point out a recent stream, whose’s VOD is hidden for non-subscribers, as proof of this. According to the fans, the streamer explained that Twitch forced his hand after cutting ad revenue because he was affiliated with an esports organization.

Apparently, C9 pleaded with Twitch officials but they did not budge. So Rivera and C9 came to the conclusion that it’s better for the streamer to leave so he can find a new source of income.

It would be interesting to see what Rivera is going to say when he releases his video. It is not the first time content creators are leaving Twitch due to the Amazon-owned platform failing to get to terms with streamers about revenue. The company has been criticized before for how they go about splitting ad revenue with creators and it would not be surprising Rivera’s story supports this.

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