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Published: February 28, 2022

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  • C9 emerges victorious from the LCS Spring Super Week
  • The team released their head coach just a few days before the match, sparking concerns
  • Top laner Summit proved to be C9’s best weapon

Cloud9 emerges victorious with a perfect 3-0 against FlyQuest despite fans’ concerns they might fail due to the recent release of head coach Nick “LS” De Cesare.

C9 Wins a Decisive Victory

The LCS Super Week just ended and the victor is already decided, with great performance shown by both Cloud9 and FlyQuest, who went up against each other in the final match. However, it is C9 who emerged triumphant, continuing their streak of wins, adding a fourth consecutive victory. Closing out the first round-robin of the LCS Spring Split, Cloud9 beat FlyQuest in 32 minutes, handing their opponent their heir third straight loss.

Interestingly, Cloud9’s win comes as somewhat of a surprise for many, as fans were concerned the team would perform badly because just a few days prior to the LCS Super Week, C9 released head coach Nick “LS” De Cesare. His dismissal was regarded to be a controversial one, as De Cesare’s unique compositional perspectives attributed to a lot of C9’s early success. What concerned fans, even more, is the fact that soon after C9 lost to Counter Logic Gaming and nearly did the same against TSM, before the latter’s mistakes proved to be an opening for C9 to get back up on their feet.

How the Game Went

Riding on the wave of the close victory against TSM, Cloud9 faced FlyQuest during the weekend and emerged victorious with a perfect record of 3-0. The team is now locked first in a tie for first place alongside Team Liquid heading into the second half of the season.

During the game, Cloud9 always seemed in control. They set the pace from the very beginning by winning many skirmishes which greatly hindered FlyQuest’s progress. All this led to the final nail in the coffin for FQ’s first game at the 29 minute. C9 managed to push their advantage to the point where top laner Summit got a crucial quadra kill in a mid-lane team fight, which allowed his team to get the Baron. With the buff acquired, C9 pushed towards FlyQuest’s base, quickly dispatching of their Nexus.

With over 28,000 total damage dealt, Summit was the MVP of the match. He finished with a scoreboard of 7/2/6 while having a crippling lead in laning phase throughout the game, and hitting where it hurts mist during late game.

Cloud9’s next match will be against the Golden Guardians on March 5. Meanwhile, FlyQuest looks to course-correct against last-place TSM on the same day.

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