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Published: December 16, 2021

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  • Esports continue to tap into big data to establish better channels of communication among partners, audiences, and businesses
  • Cavea, an audience analytics company, will focus on bolstering Heroic’s social media presence and more
  • Heroic wants to be a company marked by strong performance, marketing, and commercial capabilities

Heroic will turn to Cavea for various data-driven solutions that will allow it to bolster its operational performance on several levels.

Cavea to Leverage Data and Define Heroic’s Success

Danish esports powerhouse has coined a new partnership with data analytics firm Cavea. Cavea’s expertise lies in specifically analyzing audiences and how they react towards brands, their marketing campaigns, and general public appearances.

Through this partnership, Cavea will deploy advanced artificial intelligence solutions to examine Heroic’s social media platforms and seek to further establish points of engagement with followers.

Specifically, Cavea wants to help Heroic communicate any new information about itself in an understandable and accessible way that will establish a clear way of sharing information.

Heroic CCO Isikcan Aysev is adamant about the organization’s ambitions to be not just a feared competitor, but also a successful business:

“Our ambition at Heroic is to become leading, global esports brand with strong performance, marketing, and commercial capabilities.”

Heroic CCO Isikcan Aysev

As Aysev sees it, big data will play a guiding principle in any partnership that Heroic may pursue from here on in, allowing partners and audiences to benefit better and engage more successfully.

Strong Push for Esports Recognition in Denmark

Earlier in December, the Danish Chamber of Commerce invited Cavea to become a part of the networking group of leading esports organizations in the country. Some of the names involved with this group, including organizations such as BLAST, Astralis, Copenhagen Flames, DreamHack Sports Games, and many others.

Commenting on the development at the time, Danish Chamber of Commerce Head of Entrepreneurship Policy Jasmina Pless said that it was the organization’s ambition to establish broader recognition and acceptance for esports in the country.

Data plays a crucial part in guiding and directing long-term strategies for esports companies. WePlay Esports and Esports Charts have just announced an extension of their partnership.

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