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Published: November 28, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Atreezy moved to streaming on Kick earlier this month
  • However, it seems he is starting to broadcast more and more gambling content
  • It seems many of his fans dislike this trend

After making the switch from Twitch to Kick, Dota 2 pro player and content creator Atreezy has seemingly been doing more gambling content, which led many to believe it’s part of is contract.

Atreezy Broadcasts More Gambling

This year has seen many big streamers move from other platforms to Kick and Arteezy was one of them. Although he likely did so in hopes of having a better outreach to his followers, it seems many of them have not also made the switch to the new platform. Part of this can be attributed to the Dota 2 community voicing concerns about his pivot to broadcasting gambling.

Ateezy joined Kick earlier in November and has streamed for a total of 124 hours on it, according to Streams Charts. About 111 of those have been Dota 2 streams, as one might expect from the professional player, but the rest have been spent in the Australian-Curaçaoan online casino Stake.

Many Kick streamers, including big names like xQc and NICKMERCS, have reported that they either get paid to gamble on stream or gambling is baked into their contract with the platform. Curiously, while Kick isn’t directly operated by Stake, the streaming platform’s co-founder Ed Craven does own the gambling operation.

Fans Discuss the New Trend

Gambling has been a touchy subject in the streaming space for years. Twitch has famously banned traditional types of gambling, which in a way paved the way for Kick to take over that part of content hosting. Many streamers have been quite openly broadcasting gambling content.

However, it seems this isn’t paying out for Ateezy as the player has seen a substantial reduction in his viewer base, despite being one of the more popular Kick streamers. Many fans have complained on Reddit about the content creator’s foray into slots and other gambling content, saying it’s “disappointing” and “deeply embarrassing”.

“I always enjoyed watching Arteezy and still do to this day, but it just feels weird/wrong how, out of all the streamers out there, he’s the one streaming slots. Out of all the streamers/players he always felt like the one who didn’t give a fuck about anything else than DotA and would turn his stream on whenever he felt like it,” one highly voted comment reads.

Many fans wondered why Atreezy would go onto the new platform, especially considering he’s seen a large drop in viewership. For comparison, he averages around 2,400 viewers per stream on Kick, while he used to have more than 9,000 on Twitch. According to some, he was simply attracted by a more lucrative contract. Meanwhile, others say it’s a more stable job for him as he might not always be in top shape when it comes to competitive Dota 2.

 “He’s getting older. He knows competitive Dota for him is not going to last long. He is trying to get the bag/retirement money and make the most of what he can. It’s something that 99% of people would do,” one commenter wrote. “Once the contract is over, I’m sure he will return to Dota streaming whenever he feels like it and meme around. But not getting the money without having a stable financial income in the future, would be dumb.”

Whatever Ateezy’s reasons for switching over to Kick and doing more and more gambling content are is ultimately unknown, but it seems the decision has already had a somewhat negative effect on his fanbase.

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