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Published: October 11, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Players discussed what is the fastest way to complete Apex Legends’ battle pass
  • Many agree that doing daily and weekly challenges is the optimal strategy
  • This is because they can often be completed several at a time, but this might be a bit boring

With just 20 or so days remaining in Apex’s Season 18, some fans wondered if it’s still possible to complete the battle pass, with the majority of answers being positive.

Fans Discuss Battle Pass Strategies

Season 18 of Apex Legends started more than two months ago on August 8. Considering each season lasts three months, there are just a few weeks left in this one, and players are scrambling to finish the current battle pass to get precious rewards. However, some fans have started it very late, as evidenced by a recent Reddit post in which the OP asked if it’s plausible to complete the battle pass in the remaining 20 days.

The question sparked an interesting discussion with fans suggesting many ways to most efficiently complete the Season 18’s event. The consensus seems to be that the Apex Legends battle pass can indeed be completed in such a short period if the player does all the daily and weekly challenges. The former rotate each day, but the latter remain unlocked for the whole season. Considering you could usually complete several of these challenges this will give you the most points in the shortest amount of time.

“It’s easier later on, because lots of the challenges repeat a bit. You’ll get multiple credits for one action,” one comment under the Reddit post reads. “This is what I do during the last weeks of the season when I stop (to) take breaks from playing (like this season). Lots of challenges that can be done at the same time like one challenge would be to get X amount of AR kills the other get X amount of AR damage,” another player agreed. “And stacked them with legend challenges. The mixtape playlist makes it a bit faster now.”

Challenges on legends are also quite common with many of them also overlapping, meaning you will once again be able to complete several of them simultaneously and rack up XP. You could also focus on those who will give you more stars (from two to 10)., adjusting your playstyle to complete them while playing regular games.

Despite the majority of fans commenting under the post being positive that the Apex battle pass could be completed in the remaining few weeks, there were those who warned of the potential negatives of rushing so much. “Apex Battle Passes are one of the least fun battle passes to level up. Forces you to play a way you don’t want and can be very tedious,” one highly-voted comment reads. “It’s possible, just isn’t much fun for the average player.”

Regardless, it seems that even if you’re just starting the battle pass, you still have enough time to finish it before Season 18 ends, even if it may be a bit stressful.

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