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Call of Duty is one of the most competitive video games out there. Not surprisingly, it’s also one of the most bet-on esports. Today, we will speak about what makes Call of Duty so great, but also – where you can find the best Call of Duty betting odds, to begin with. CoD betting odds are essential, as they will help you find the best tournaments right now and the best opportunities to place a winning wager.

Before you place your first bet, it definitely pays off to understand which CoD betting sites bring you the best CoD odds for daily tournaments, big annual events, and more. We have put together a list of the sites that have the best odds for you, and why.

Bookies with the Best Call of Duty Odds

Before we take a look at some of the aggregation services that will help you compare odds from across esports bookies very quickly, we wanted to first consider something else – individual bookmakers that make a lot of sense to visit and register at if you are keen to get the best Call of Duty betting odds. Here are two bookmakers to consider.

  • 1xBit – 1xBit is actually a very good esports bookie if you are looking to bet on Call of Duty. We have noticed that the bookmaker is repeatedly giving good fixtures and rates to the favorites, which are slightly better than what most other sites do. They do cover the Call of Duty League betting in full and we are generally excited about the opportunities offered by the bookmaker in terms of actual CoD betting odds.
  • Cloudbet – Cloudbet tends to often offer slightly more tempting CoD odds on the underdog. Now, this can be great, but you need to also understand that the underdogs are less likely to win by default. Nevertheless, if you combine 1xBit and Cloudbet, then you are off to something great. If you are pretty sure that an underdog would win, though, we strongly recommend you first check Cloudbet for the bets CoD odds.

Of course, there are other esports bookies that cover Call of Duty tournaments and offer Call of Duty betting markets. We still believe, though that so far as the regular competitive play Call of Duty League season goes, these two bookmakers tend to bring you the best and most worthwhile odds. We would not be past recommending you check and, as both bring some outstanding and comprehensive options as well.

Call of Duty Betting Odds – Looking for the Top Options in Real-Time

To get ahead in any Call of Duty betting activity, you need to quickly find the best odds. This is usually a pesky thing to do. You need to compare the odds across Call of Duty betting sites for the most part. Of course, true CoD fans and bettors do enjoy hunting for the best CoD odds unprompted. But what if we told you there is a much simpler way to do all of this?

It’s called OddsGecko. OddsGecko is a brilliant website that allows you to quickly reference all the available sports betting odds and have your pick of the litter as it were. OddsGecko basically aggregates all available CoD esports betting odds in a quick and competitive way.

You get to go through all available ongoing games and tournaments, and not just that, but also pick from multiple esports bookmakers at the same time. Let’s say that Minnesota ROKKR and Los Angeles Thieves are playing in the Call of Duty League.

Now, you can go through every single esports bookmaker you know, or you can simply refer to OddsGecko. The odds are really interesting, as well. Here is a quick comparison from OddsGecko when we were checking.

  • Minnesota ROKKR (2.63) vs Los Angeles Thieves (1.42) @ Cloudbet
  • Minnesota ROKRR (2.35) vs Los Angeles Thieves (1.55) @

As you can see OddsGecko has just summed up the odds for the game, and there are some interesting things that we notice here. For example, if you are backing the underdog, Cloudbet makes so much more sense. You will get a better yield if ROKKR somehow wins on the moneyline.

Then again, if you want to go with the Thieves, you have all the reason to want to bet at as the CoD odds are simply better and that’s the long and short of it. The best Call of Duty betting odds is a matter of comparing the different sites that are available to you and picking the best odds out there as well.

How to Read CoD Odds

Call of Duty betting odds aren’t that difficult to read, but you still need to understand them before you give them a go. The most common type of Call of Duty odds is the so-called decimal odds. For example, aggregation services will normally list esports odds as decimals, as they find them universally easy to read.

But what are decimal CoD odds and how do you understand them? Well, they are just like the examples above. ROKKR had a 2.35 or 2.63 chance to win (depending on which bookmaker you wanted to go with). What this means is that for every $1 you bet, you will get either $2.35 or $2.63. This amount is actually your base bet – the $1 you wager, plus the profit you would get if the outcome of the game is actually true. So, as you can imagine, betting on the 1.55 coefficient is actually not too bad. You bet $1 on 1.55 and get back $1.55.

Are there any other betting odds that you can read into? Yes, of course. It’s not a given that decimal odds should be your default. In fact, there are American odds and Fractional odds, which are just as easy to read once you get used to them. To read fractional odds you just need to look at which side of the equation the number sits.

So, for example, if you are betting on 20/5 this means that you stand to win $20 for every $5 you bet. But what does this mean in terms of probability? Well, it doesn’t mean that such an outcome is very likely in the first place – correct? Then, you have the American odds. American odds are actually easy to use when covering the Call of Duty esports scene.

Basically what you do here is to take the coefficient of -120 or +120. This means that you need to either bet $120 to win $100 (-120) or to bet $100 to win $120 (+120). It’s very straightforward from this point on, but yes – most esports bookies prefer to stick with the decimal odds – and so do esports and CoD fans.

Tips and Tricks on How to Use Call of Duty Betting Odds to Your Advantage

Alright, so odds can really be leveraged to your advantage, and we do feel like giving you a good practical example of how you can make things work for you is good. Throughout EsportsGrizzly we have been big champions of the idea that you always need to keep at least two accounts registered. OddsGecko can quickly tell you which bookies bring you the best odds for Call of Duty, and in this case, it seems to be Cloudbet and

Now, we want to show you how hunting for the best odds is actually a very smart and practical thing to do. Alright, let’s take the example we used before so that you can find your bearings a bit quicker and figure out why betting across two bookies is actually so good.

  • Minnesota ROKKR (2.63) vs Los Angeles Thieves (1.42) @ Cloudbet
  • Minnesota ROKRR (2.35) vs Los Angeles Thieves (1.55) @

So, we can see that there are some pretty good opportunities here. Let’s say that you want to back ROKRR – clearly an underdog. Would you pick 1xBit or Cloudbet? The answer is simple – you go with the highest possible yield – Cloudbet. But how much do you bet? This is the second important question. Well, our advice?

You bet $1 and if you win you win $2.63. This is pretty good. But it’s also very unlikely to happen. So you go and bet $2 on Thieves at 1.55 at If you win here, you will end up winning $3.10. This is $2 and a $1.10 profit. Now, because ROKKR lost, you will only actually have won $0.10 which is not that great, but the principle remains.

Shopping around for the best odds does work. Alright, but this is silly – right? Why would you only bet for a measly $0.10. Well, it’s just a way to exemplify how odds comparison works. In reality, the true value of this experience lies elsewhere.

You want to get the best odds possible – so why bet Los Angeles Thieves at Cloudbet as the favorite to win when is already offering you such better rates? The first example we gave is a very soft example of “value betting” whereby you can counterbalance your bets and always make a small profit no matter what the outcome – some cases of value betting are so much more profitable for players though, which makes them even easier to enjoy.

What Are the Best Call of Duty Events to Bet On?

So, there are truly two great events that you can be betting on – well three more or less. Does this mean that there are fewer excellent esports markets for you to explore? Not at all! The Call of Duty League is naturally your first go-to option. The league is going strong and it has been growing steadily. You can also count that it’s not going anywhere any time soon because there is a strong and sustained interest in it.

After all, the Call of Duty World League is actually quite costly to get into. In fact, franchises are said to have paid eight figures to be part of the Call of Duty League, which means that every participant right now – 12 teams – are very keen to continue competing and do their best. There is also the Call of Duty regular season which is what most of the Call of Duty League is about.

Plus, you also get the Call of Duty Challengers which is a cool feeder league where amateur players get the chance to become professional players. Betting on CoD Challengers of course entails its own risks and challenges, but the good news is that you can overcome these as well. There is no real pressure why you should worry about lacking events to bet on when it comes to Call of Duty. There are tons of esports games available throughout the CoD League.

Best CoD Betting Options: A Conclusion

At this point, you are well-versed in what Call of Duty odds are and where to find them. The CoD League is definitely a major event on the calendar and one that will be very much worth betting on. We strongly recommend you stick with OddsGecko and the time-tested esports betting sites that we have suggested here.

Remember, our example of value betting may not have produced overwhelming results, but it still applies in principle. EsportsGrizzly is keen on teaching you how to read and find the best Call of Duty odds, but not passively – we want you to actively understand why one esports betting situation is better than the next. Hopefully, we have been successful!

CoD Odds FAQs

Where do I find the best CoD betting odds?

Cloudbet and 1xBit are the two best esports bookmakers that cover and offer excellent esports betting odds for Call of Duty. We strongly recommend these two options to explore when looking for the best options.

How old do I need to be to bet on Call of Duty?

18 or 21. The legal betting age for Call of Duty betting will depend on the place where you live. We urge you to check what this age is and never participate in underage gambling.

Are there enough esports Call of Duty events to bet on?

Yes, absolutely. The Call of Duty regular season and Call of Duty League run annually and you will never be in shortage of excellent betting options as such.

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