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Published: August 24, 2021

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  • Call of Duty: Warzone was so plagued by cheaters, it had to resort to IP bans
  • Tik Tok content creator rushman360 confirmed that the hardware ban indeed works
  • Additionally, Warzone will be getting a good anti-cheat system when COD: Vanguard releases

Call of Duty: Warzone is making steps in solving its cheater problem by issuing hardware bans to offenders.

IP Bans Indeed Await Cheaters

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the competitive games that have suffered the most from cheaters, despite the efforts from Activision and Raven Software. However, there is some good news as a hacker confirmed that hardware bans are indeed working and in motion.

The hacker rushman360 made the confession on TikTok and displayed his banned account. He went on to explain that he can’t log in with any other account from his device – even accounts that had never been played on. 

Rushman360 is a prominent Call of Duty content creator who shows off what hacks can do, how they can devaluate even a professional player’s skill, and most importantly – how they can be detected. His content aims to break the taboo of talking about cheating and providing an in-depth look at it and how to make a distinction between cheating and true skill. 

Rushman360 is glad that the hardware ban measures seem to work. He believes that this might revitalize the game and bring back other content creators who have been leaving en masse because of the cheating problem. 

Call of Duty’s Long History With Hackers

Call of Duty has long had severe issues with cheaters that have led countless people to frustration and have resulted in them leaving the game for good. As Rushman360 has noted, many content creators have left the game because of that. 

People have pleaded to Raven Software and Activision to do something. And it’s not like the two companies didn’t try to make some less radical solutions work. The developers have issued thousands of soft bans in huge ban waves every few months. 

However, this never seemed to solve the problem. Malicious players would just go on to make another account and continue with their fraudulent practices. 

That’s why Activision recently had to confirm that hardware bans are what awaits big-time offenders. A Hardware ban prevents the device from connecting to the servers regardless of the logged-in account. 

Thanks to rushman360, we now know that IP bans are indeed handed out. That is a huge relief as it means with time, the game may once again flourish. And if that wasn’t good enough news, Activision announced that when Call of Duty: Vanguard releases, a new proper anti-cheat system will be integrated into Warzone. 

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