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Published: December 8, 2021

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  • The College of Esports and the British Esports Association have joined forces to train more talented esports professionals
  • The organizations will focus on hard-skills training that goes beyond gaming and focuses on the business side of things
  • The courses will start in 2022 and run through 2023 during the initial period as the partners assess the success of the program

Esports is becoming a more permanent part of higher education. The British Esports Association and College of Esports are looking to train and educate more industry professionals as part of a joint initiative.

More Esports Education on the Highest Level

A career in esports is not so surprising anymore and neither is a degree in competitive video gaming. Yet, colleges looking to admit more esports undergrads aren’t just looking to forge the future generations of gamers. Rather, they are attempting to train highly skilled individuals who can help the next big thing (esports, duh) grow and meet demand.

This is precisely why the British Esports Association has teamed up with the College of Esports, a university institution that focuses on helping others secure esports degrees. Now, the two organization can pool their collective nous and prowess to help with educating and training more professionals.

The two are setting up a series of courses at the Velodrome at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park that will focus on numerous aspects of understanding esports and how the ecosystem works. All classes are set to begin in 2022 and continue through 2023. This will include a deep dive into managerial activities, such as talent management, intellectual property rights, and marketing.

Training the Professionals of Tomorrow

There will be a dedicated business incubation unit, which will assist esports students in realizing concepts. College of Esports founder and chair professor Phili Wilson (sic) had this to say:

“The knowledge, experience and expertise of the British Esports Association is a central pillar of our approach to ensure that the College of Esports is at the cutting edge of the industry for our students.”

College of Esports founder and chair professor Phili Wilson

British Esports Association chair Andy Payne welcomed the opportunity to be teaming up with the College of Esports. He sees the collaboration as an opportunity to deliver on more esports-focused initiatives on an educational level and beyond, all for the brighter future of the industry.

Esports is hardly just about video gaming, Payne argues and adds: “Esports not only offers many exciting career opportunities, but it also gives people essential transferable skills that can be applied to many other roles and industries.”

While the data on how many colleges are offering esports educational programs around the world is still patchy, there has been a greater level of adoption of esports as part of school curriculums, paving the way for future professionals who will drive the industry forward.

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