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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • The Protocolo Evolução will be the second iteration of the VCT Game Changers series in Brazil
  • It will feature four qualifiers, each with a $20,000 prize pool
  • The tournament’s first qualifier opens on August 5

Brazil is continuing to develop its women’s league by announcing the second edition of a tournament in the VCT Game Changers program. 

Protocolo Evolução Gives Women a Chance to Shine

A new addition to the VALORANT Champions Tour Game Changers series is coming to Brazil. The event will be hosted by esports event organizer Gamers Club and will be supported by Riot Games’ Brazilian branch. The event will bear the name Protocolo Evolução and is the second Game Changers tournament to be held in the country. 

The first Brazilian iteration of the VCT Game Changers series was called Protocolo Gêneses and was held between June 10 and June 20 this year. It was won by the team Gamelanders Purple who took home a prize of almost $7,000 out of a total prize pool of $20,000. 

Protocolo Evolução’s will feature four qualifiers, each of which will have its own $20,000 prize pool. The first of the bunch will be beginning on August 5. The eight best-performing teams will advance to the main event. 

Registrations are open, and passionate VALORANT players who fit the VCT Game Changers Series’ requirements can read more or register for the qualifier through Gamers Club’s web page. Players should bear in mind that all attendees will go through a verification process. 

A Series Dedicated to Marginalized Genders

The VCT Game Changers is an initiative that aims to give women and marginalized genders a chance to shine on the esports scene. It does so through series of events, such as Protocolo Evolução, which are strictly reserved for people who meet the requirements of the initiative.

Fitting the narrative of supporting women, the Protocolo Evolução will feature pain reliever Buscofem as a sponsor. Buscofem was also present as a sponsor during the Protocolo Gêneses.

Since the announcement of VCT Game Changers in February, several events have been hosted as a part of the initiative, including the aforementioned Protocolo Gêneses. Another Brazilian event in April, called Girl Pwr, also received support from the Game Changers program. 

One of the recent tendencies in gaming is the growing inclusivity towards all people, regardless of differences in gender or age. Because of this, all-women series and collegiate leagues have been flourishing. 

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