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Published: May 7, 2024

Written by: Barney

When it comes to popular mobile games, one might quickly think of PUBG Mobile. Released back in March of 2018, the free-to-play battle royale quickly took the world by storm, mimicking the success of its PC and console progenitor, PUBG: Battlegrounds. By December 2022, PUBG Mobile had accumulated around 1.3 billion downloads while grossing over $9 billion. It was published in various regions by several companies Krafton, Tencent, and VNG Games.

The title’s gameplay is quite similar to its computer/console version as players parachute down to a remote island and fight to remain as the last player standing. Players can compete alone or in teams of two or four, depending on the game mode selected before the match. Of course, this is just a very short overview of what is quite a complex game with many other mechanics and intricacies. 

One of these complexities is the game’s ranking system. PUBG Mobile ranks determine various aspects of the game, including deciding which players you face, if you can play in PUBG Mobile tournaments, and so on. The system is complex and many first-time players might find it confusing. For this reason, we have tried to create a detailed guide to all of the PUBG Mobile ranks, how resets work, and how to rise up the competitive ladder.

What Are PUBG Mobile Ranks?

To start off, we will make a quick overview of what the game’s different levels or ranks are and then we will delve a bit deeper into each category. Fortunately, unlike a few games, it is fairly transparent. There aren’t that many back-end factors that decide where you rank, so you will have a good idea of how to progress.

The game currently features eight different categories (or divisions, as you might have seen them in other titles). Six of these are further subdivided into five levels each, while the final two categories have just one level. These are the eight categories of PUBG Mobile ranks:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Crown
  • Ace
  • Conqueror

Every category from Bronze to Crown, including, is divided into five different levels, appropriately named V to I, V being the lowest level, while I being the highest. This means that when you go up from one category of ranks to another, for example from Silver to Gold, you will be placed in the V tier, meaning you will be Gold V.

However, the final two categories of PUBG Mobile ranks work a bit differently. These two are more of a title as they do not have subdivisions. Ace is essentially the topmost rank in the system, but Conquerors are the top 500 players of the game, all of which are taken from the Aces. 

What Does Each One of the PUBG Mobile Ranks mean?

You may be wondering why the game needs so many ranks in so many divisions. One of the main reasons is that your rank determines which players are you going to go up against. It helps to keep the matchmaking fair and ensure that you’re not playing against others with a much higher skill level. 

However, this means that each category of ranks has its particularities as players are divided into several large groups. Here we’ve tried to briefly explain what each category is like:


The first category you will be placed in when you start playing the game. Immediately after registering with PUBG Mobile, you are given a “zero” rank. It would not be uncommon to play against bots when playing in this category as it’s expected new players need some time to learn the game.


At this level, you already have some experience and good knowledge about the game’s mechanics. More experienced players are met here, but bots still remain, so you will have ample opportunity to gain XP and increase your rank.


Perhaps one of the most difficult of PUBG Mobile ranks to get out of. This category features many players, many of whom might spend months playing in it. To pass Gold, you will have to know the game well, be able to navigate maps and weapons and come up with competent tactical moves.


Much like Gold, this is a difficult rank to get out of and many players stay in it for quite a long time. In matches where Platinum players play, you will never encounter bots. Instead, you will be meeting some very experienced players. To get into the next category of PUBG Mobile ranks you will need to have a good grasp of the game’s mechanics, map, and weapons. Aimlessly running around the map without a plan will likely just get you killed.


Much like Platinum, you will need a vast array of skills to stay competitive in this stage. Having a good tactical awareness of the situation is paramount. By this point, you should also know the map by heart, understanding which points are important and how to approach them. Good aim and reactions are also a must while playing at this level.


The last of the categories that are subdivided into different levels. Only people who train daily get here. 


The top rank that most players could hope to achieve after potentially hundreds of games. As mentioned before, this one is not divided into several sub-tiers and is already a huge bragging point if you reach it. 


If being an Ace isn’t enough for you, you can always try and reach for an even harder-to-achieve prize. Although Conquerors are technically still Aces, these are the top of the top. There are only 500 Conqueror titles available at any given time, so getting into that exclusive club and holding onto your spot is arguably the biggest challenge a PUBG Mobile player might face.

PUBG Mobile Ranks Reset

Rank resets are nothing new in competitive games. However, unlike many other titles, when your rank resets at the start of each new season, you will not have to start from the very beginning. Instead, you will be dropped down by a few levels, or even not at all, depending on what rank you were when the previous season finished. This is how your place in the PUBG Mobile ranking system is affected by the reset:

  • Finished in Bronze or Silver – Unchanged. You remain with the same rank once the new season starts
  • Finished in Gold II, III, IV, V – Gold V
  • Platinum IV, V, and Gold I – Gold IV
  • Platinum I, II, III – Gold III
  • Diamond III, IV, V – Gold II
  • Diamond I, II – Gold I
  • Crown IV, V – Platinum V
  • Crown II, III – Platinum IV
  • Crown I – Platinum III
  • Ace – Platinum I

How to Check PUBG Mobile Ranks?

So far we have talked about the intricacies of each rank and how they change, but we haven’t yet mentioned how to actually check your rank. This can be done at any time by going to the Season tab in-game. This makes it simple to see where you are in the game’s ranking system and how far you still have to climb for the season.

How to Rise Up the PUBG Mobile Ranks?

We’ve explained how the ranks work and how they are divided, but how does one actually climb up the competitive ladder? An Ace player or a professional will give you much better advice than what we can here, but at least we can give you some general directions that will get you started.

  • Survive. Obviously one of the main ways to go up the PUBG Mobile ranks is to make lots of kills. However, this should not come at the cost of survival. The rank-up system is mainly based on Survival Points. As the name suggests, you get these for surviving a game longer than other players, so make sure to be placed in the final few players in the game.
  • Learn the map. It is important to know what the map’s layout is which will help you with a few important things: first, it will help you formulate a plan on how to get to the center of the map when the zone starts shrinking. Second, knowing important locations on the map will help you take up spots from which you can more easily kill other players. Alternatively, it will help you avoid these spots, where there might already be enemies waiting to kill you. 

Play with friends. Fortunately, PUBG Mobile allows you to play in a squad of up to four players. When doing so, you will be matched with other squads of varying sizes. However, playing with friends grants one very important benefit – more fun. Grinding through the many PUBG Mobile ranks can be quite challenging and tedious. However, if you’re having fun with friends along the way, things will feel much less strenuous and less frustrating, even if you’re stuck at a certain level for a long time.

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