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Published: May 27, 2024

Written by: Barney

Streaming has become a popular way for individuals to connect, share their passions, and build communities. It is undeniable that Twitch is the king of platforms when it comes to streaming as it takes up the majority of the viewership. However, that does not mean the Amazon-owned service is without competition. Since its debut in late 2022, Kick has been growing in popularity and it’s likely it will soon become an even bigger competitor to Twitch.

However, with its quick growth and emphasis on gambling-related content, many are wondering if is safe. The question has been asked by both viewers and streamers, as well as those who plan on diving into the platform. For this reason, we will try to analyze the pros and cons of the platform in this article.

What Is Kick Exactly?

Describing itself as “the fastest-growing” livestreaming service, in addition to being the “most rewarding”, Kick has definitely taken the world by storm in the past year. Like other livestreaming platforms, Kick allows viewers to tune in and watch for free, browsing all manner of livestreams, including gaming, music, and sports broadcasts from various content creators. 

What really sets Kick apart from its competitors is the fact of how much laxer the community standards are. The platform is far less strict when it comes to the moderation of its content. According to one of the streaming service’s backers, Ed Craven, Kick has only two rules: “no pornography”, and “no hate speech”.

For this reason, the website has attracted content creators that could not fit into other services due to the latter’s stricter community standards. There have been some controversial streamers backing the site, raising the question if Kick is safe both to stream on and to watch it.

Is Kick Legit?

Although the platform has gained controversial popularity over the past year, the website is technically completely legit and regulated. Kick also has a well-documented help section and a customer support function. It has millions of users, many of whom have had a perfectly reasonable experience both streaming to the site and watching content on it.

Despite the platform being legit, it has gained a fair bit of notoriety thanks to some of the content it permits. Gambling takes up a large percentage of what’s being streamed on Kick and there are entire channels dedicated to things like playing in online casinos. Naturally, this has led many to question if Kick is safe to watch, especially for younger viewers.

There are two main reasons why this content is so popular on the platform. The first is, as we’ve mentioned before, the relatively lax community guidelines that Kick offers. Usually, other streaming platforms such as Twitch or YouTube have very strict rules when it comes to making gambling-related content. However, Kick’s lax stance on gambling has attracted many streamers who could not make such content on other platforms. Viewers who like this type of media followed soon, making Kick the premier place for such a niche.

It would also make more sense as to why gambling is so popular on Kick when you consider its founders. The platform is backed by co-founders Bijan Tehrani, and Ed Craven, and also streaming personality Trainwreckstv, who is quite famous for his gambling-related content.

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How Has Kick Grown So Rapidly?

For a long time, Twitch, and to a lesser degree YouTube, have been dominant in the streaming space. However, Kick has managed to carve out a strong spot in the online sphere for just 15 months and it looks like the platform will continue to grow.

A major reason for this is the previously mentioned lax community standards. Both Twitch and YouTube are relatively strict with what content they allow on their websites but Kick has relatively few rules. This means that streamers who would have otherwise been unable to broadcast on Twitch or YouTube, now have a place on the web in the face of Kick.

Another reason for Kick’s rising popularity is its monetization. Kick’s revenue is split 95% to the streamer and 5% to the platform, meaning that almost all of the money a content creator receives goes directly to them. Meanwhile, Twitch splits its revenue in a 70:30 ratio, meaning that only 70% of the money goes to the streamer. YouTube has a similar revenue model. In theory, this means that a Kick streamer would get much more profit compared to a Twitch streamer, assuming both have similar audience numbers.

Finally, Kick’s growing popularity is also due to the fact it hosts some very popular content creators. One of its founding backers, Trainwreckstv, has over two million followers online. Additionally, Kick’s management has wasted no time in pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into securing some of the most talented streamers in the business. Just some of the most popular Kick partners include Canadian streamer and former Overwatch professional player xQc, American Kick streamer, YouTuber, and co-owner of FaZe Clan Nickmercs, and NBA 2K and Grand Theft Auto V content creator Adin Ross.

Are There Scams on Kick?

Streaming online is yet another of the many ways the internet is used to connect people around the globe. Unfortunately, with the ease of communication comes the ease at which certain scams can be spread. Streaming platforms such as Twitch and Kick have also been subjected to the unwanted attention of some less than savioury individuals.

While Kick’s staff is working hard to moderate the community and remove any malicious actors, some still emerge through the cracks. Every streaming platform, and just social media in general, has imperfect defenses. However, some scams are particularly present on Kick, namely, scammers offering to create or sell custom art for content creators’ channels.

Since the platform is still relatively new, many streamers try it out for the first time. Many of them don’t have much to work with. They do not have much to work with as they often lack good logos, banners, and other channel art. Making these takes time, effort, and money, and so many scammers try to exploit the genuine needs of streamers.

A lot of content creators have received seemingly genuine offers from individuals who would make these pieces of art for the streamers’ channel. However, a lot of these offers are often fake, with the individuals behind them pocketing the money of content creators who have fallen for the trap and disappearing without delivering anything. Other times, it’s found out that the scammers are using stolen art that they offer to sell streamers, which is not only unethical but also illegal.

How To Protect Yourself from Scams on Kick?

While these pieces of advice are aimed mostly at Kick streamers, viewers of the platforms, as well as users of any other social media, may find them quite useful:

Beware of Unsolicited Offers: If someone approaches you with an unsolicited offer, especially if it involves clicking on external links, be cautious. Scammers often use this tactic to lure unsuspecting victims.

  • Verify Before Trusting: Before adding someone to your personal contacts or social media, do a quick background check. Look up their name online and on other platforms such as Twitter or Twitch, ask around in the community, or check their history on Kick.
  • Avoid Clicking on Unknown Links: Clicking on unfamiliar links can expose your system to malware or phishing attacks. Always ensure that the source is trustworthy before clicking.
  • Trust Your Gut: If something feels off, it probably is. Listen to your instincts and take some time to think about the potential offer you are receiving.
  • Educate Your Community: Share your experiences and knowledge with your community if you’ve experienced someone trying to scam you. The more streamers and users know about what potential traps there are, the less opportunities would scammers have to trick people.


Kick is a legit platform that is monitored and regulated and it offers a great alternative to larger and more popular broadcasting services such as Twitch and YouTube. The website has seen massive growth over the past 15 months thanks to a variety of reasons, including its less strict guidelines for content and its possibility for a huge profit for streamers.

That being said, there are still some caveats that both streamers and viewers have to watch out for. The platform has gained somewhat of a notoriety for its large presence of gambling content, which may need to be regulated more in the future. Furthermore, a particular type of scammers that have their eyes on newer streamers have been reported on the platform despite the moderation efforts of the Kick staff. It is advised that content creators take extra care when discussing offers to create official art for their channels.

However, Kick will likely continue in its upward trajectory for the foreseeable future. The platform has already carved out a niche on the internet and boasts a growing community, so it’s a great way for new streamers to check it out, albeit they still have to be careful.

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