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Published: May 20, 2024

Written by: Barney

Since its debut in late 2022, has made leaps in its popularity among both viewers and streamers. Thousands of content creators now call the platform home and millions of fans have followed. In less than a year and a half, Kick has become a viable alternative to well-established players in streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube. With the quick rise in popularity of, many are wondering how and why the platform became so popular in such a short time and how to make money on Kick. 

While its allowance of various types of content that the other two major platforms do not allow plays a large part in Kick’s success, we must also not forget the website’s monetization strategy. Kick provides itself for its 95-5 distribution of a streamer’s income. This means that 95% of all the profits a content creator makes, which comes from donations and paid subscriptions, go directly to them. The other 5% go to Kick. In theory, this means a Kick streamer would make a lot more money than their counterpart from Twitch or YouTube. The latter two platforms usually have a 70-30 split (although this is not always the case), meaning the site takes about 30% of each donation or subscription. 

Does Kick Pay Streamers?

The answer to this question is both “yes” and “no”. The main method that content creators make money from is getting it through fans who donate to them and get paid subscriptions. In that case, streamers’ income depends solely on themselves. 

However, Kick does actually pay some streamers in some rarer cases. To promote its services, Kik had previously signed, and sometimes still signe, contracts with many popular streamers. In this way, the platform has brought in numerous popular faces, such as xQc and adinross, from other platforms. This has had a huge effect on Kick’s popularity over the past year or so.

However, for most streamers on the platform, such contracts are way out of reach. They have to contend mostly with donations, subscriptions, and other side sources of income, such as selling merchandise. Of course, this does not mean they do not have the potential to make huge sums of money.

Interestingly, for a while after it debuted, rumors were circulating that Kick was paying $16 an hour to every streamer – but those rumors were quashed early on. However, months after these rumors were going around, Kick actually introduced the Creator Incentive Program Phase 2, which aims to pay more creators hourly rates.

What Is Kick’s Creator Incentive Program?

Simply put, this program allows Kick to directly pay streamers who meet certain criteria. This means that a streamer who is a member of this program can more easily and securely earn a living on the platform by receiving hourly pay from the company based on the amount of time they stream.

The program was first tested out with a very small subset of individuals in the earlier half of last year. There were 33 creators who were picked for the program, with an average concurrent viewership of 10 to 1,500 viewers. It was considered a huge success, leading Kick’s management to announce the full program in the summer of 2023. 

“By joining the Kick Creator Incentive Program, you’re positioning yourself at the forefront of an initiative where the revenue generated is merely the beginning,” the platform said at the launch of the program.

What Criteria Do You Need to Participate In Kick’s Creator Incentive Program?

As with any platform, a few steps are standing between would-be streamers and this hourly pay. To apply to it, creators must:

  • be verified on the platform 
  • have 1500 followers
  • have 50 streaming hours in 30 days 
  • have 100 concurrent viewers in 30 days 
  • have 25 direct subscriptions in 30 days 
  • feature three archived videos-on-demand (VODs) 
  • three unique days streamed 
  • host 500 unique chatters

At first glance, this looks like a lot of hoops for creators to jump through. However, when you compare these criteria to what Twitch wants, they don’t look that bad. To be a member of the Twitch  Partner Plus Program and to get a 70/30 split, creators have to maintain 350 recurring subscriptions, which is certainly a lot steeper than Kick’s 25.

However, it should also be noted that achieving even this relatively small number of viewers on Kick can be challenging. Kick doesn’t offer the same audience base or advertising ecosystem that platforms like YouTube or Twitch currently offer, so there simply aren’t that many viewers to begin with. Moreover, given Kick’s association with gambling, sexual content, and generally lax content moderation, often drives away newer viewers, making it more difficult for aspiring streamers to get a large audience.

What Benefits Are There to Joining Kick?

While getting popular on Kick will still require you to be consistent, grind some, and have some luck, there are multiple positive things about making it on the platform:

  • Get paid hourly – As we already discussed, joining Kick’s Creator Incentive Program will grant you a stable income based on the hours you streamed. This means that you will be able to earn a decent amount of money even if you’re a relatively small streamer.
  • Higher revenue share – Enjoy a substantial 95% share of subscription earnings, surpassing other platforms like Twitch and YouTube.
  • Support for creators – According to Kick’s own words, the platform is “focused on the streamer” and is committed to providing a fair and equitable platform for creators, ensuring hard work is duly rewarded.
  • Growing Community – Although Kick has been online for less than a year and a half, it has already established itself as a relatively stable platform that is a viable alternative to Twitch and YouTube. While still small compared to the other two platforms, Kick’s audience is still growing, meaning that aspiring streamers will be able to tap into an ever-increasing number of potential viewers.

What Other Ways Are There for Getting Paid on Kick?

Joining the above-mentioned Kick Creator Incentive Program isn’t the only way to make a living on the platform. Of course, the main source of income for most streamers is from donations from viewers and paid subscriptions. However, you can also try:

  • Re-purpose Your Stream for YouTube – Many successful streamers use YouTube and other platforms for extra outreach and publicity. You can create highlight reels, and break down longer streams into thematic videos. If you monetize your YouTube channel that features this type of content, you will have another source of income from the ad revenue. Of course, this will also help you boost your main Kick channel’s popularity.
  • Try Affiliate Marketing – Kick provides room for affiliate marketing. Promote products or services during your stream and earn commissions for each sale generated through your affiliate links.

In conclusion, Kick presents a multifaceted approach to income generation for streamers. Whether through the Kick Creator Program, viewer donations, memberships, or venturing into YouTube and affiliate marketing, content creators can diversify their revenue sources and build a sustainable career in the dynamic world of online streaming.

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