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Published: February 20, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

Convenience is key when it comes to esports betting. Since esports bettors are quite picky, bookmakers do their best to please them. The introduction of esports betting apps has become a key access point to the betting audiences out there who are happy to give the big names a try provided that they can do so on the go.

Today, we will discuss some of the best esports betting apps and why they make a lot of sense for you if you love placing the occasional flutter on esports. Let’s check out which apps provide you with the best possible experience.

Best Esports Betting Apps (2022)

We have decided to provide you with a detailed breakdown of what the best esports betting apps are and where to find them. These apps are modeled after the real esports bookmakers they represent and we are confident that you will find them to be very satisfying experiences altogether. Let’s take a look at the list of the best esports betting apps for 2022.

  1. Betway Esports Betting App
  2. Bet365 Esports Betting App
  3. Pinnacle Esports Betting App
  4. GG.Bet Esports Betting App
  5. 22Bet Esports Betting App

Each of these brands has created an advanced esports betting experience that is fully accessible from their apps. This means that you can enjoy wholesome and rewarding gameplay around the clock and have the full range of experiences neatly packed in your pocket thanks to one of the apps we recommend here. Let’s check what strengths the above-listed esports betting apps have.

1. Betway Esports Betting App

Betway is one of the oldest esports betting sites. It’s a fully licensed operator with multiple permits to operate in markets across North America, Europe, and beyond. As a result, Betway has been able to develop a dedicated esports betting app that features all the selections that you will find in the desktop version.

Betway makes sure that you can benefit from both an iOS and an Android betting app that makes it easy to look up your pre-match and in-play esports battles and place a timely wager on the go. Betway is definitely our first choice for a betting app.

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2. Bet365 Esports Betting App

Bet365 is another pioneer in the esports betting space. The website has been running esports odds since at least 2018 when most other bookmakers were hesitant to do so. Not bet365, though, which has decided to incorporate esports betting into its core platform, including the mobile apps.

As a result, you get a powerful solution on your hands that will grant you access to every possible esports betting market that is already featured on the desktop. You will benefit from pre-game and live bets and have an enjoyable way to place your wagers on the fly.

3. Pinnacle Esports Betting App

Pinnacle is a clear-cut leader in esports betting. The website has created one of the most fulfilling experiences out there by focusing on esports as its own product. That is why competitive gaming is also featured as part of the app experience found at Pinnacle.

Pinnacle allows you to download its dedicated app, set up your account, adjust your banking methods, contact customer support, cash out your winnings, and most importantly – access the full variety of esports betting markets. The added benefit here is that you are going to be able to manage all your esports selections, check-in on the best odds, and even benefit from the occasional odds booster on the go.

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4. GG.Bet Esports Betting App

GG.Bet is a leader in esports betting and as such, it delivers on some of the best experiences that esports fans can expect. The website itself is built with a community focus whereby esports fans get to interact in myriad ways. GG.Bet also provides a solid core esports betting platform where you can place numerous wagers on all possible esports contests.

This experience is fully extended to the mobile app which enables esports fans to continue betting or check in on their odds without the need to be at home at a computer. The app becomes a scalable single-entry-point for the best esports betting experiences possible.

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5. Bitcasino Esports Betting App

Bitcasino has just introduced its esports betting platform and it has been going strong in the segment. The website has a dedicated betting app that will be scaled to cover the esports betting experience. While we wait, though, you can create a shortcut to the esports platform and use that to access the esports betting odds available to you.

Bitcasino allows you to bet with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and makes for one of the most unique esports betting options. The fact that you can use an app-like experience to access some of the best esports betting markets is definitely a reason to consider Bitcasino is one of your top choices.  

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Which Esports Betting App to Pick?

At the end of the day, you want to pick an app that balances at least several features of the best esports betting experience. You definitely want a convenient and worthwhile esports app that will empower your journey from start to end.

This means great odds and fixtures, accessible navigation, clear-cut betting rules, tons of pre-game and in-play markets, and a user interface that works without a hitch. Players are always very welcome to have a blast and enjoy themselves by choosing the apps that make the most sense to them. Picking from our list of the best betting apps for 2022 is definitely a great way to start!

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