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Published: April 24, 2024

Written by: Barney

Dogecoin is quite popular these days and not only as an investment option. Many casino games now support Dogecoin as a viable currency and even better, esports betting sites out there are very happy to accept your wagers in DOGE.

Dogecoin gambling sites today offer you access to some of the best betting markets on video games, but to enjoy the best selections, we will bring to your attention those sites that are truly worth something.

For your comfort, we have put together a list of trusted esports betting sites that accept DOGE on a range of popular esports games. Those include Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and numerous other newer games, such as Apex Legends, Valorant, and more.

Dogecoin offers numerous opportunities to place a quick bet on esports contests. The websites we have listed here are all licensed, and trusted and offer a variety of cryptocurrencies beyond $DOGE to add to the variety of products you may experience.

They make it simple and easy to benefit from excellent esports markets while banking swiftly in the cryptocurrency that you enjoy best. We have thoroughly reviewed each of these brands to ensure that they guarantee you the best DOGE esports betting experience. Let’s take a look at that.

How We Choose the Best DOGE Esports Betting Sites

To pick the best DOGE esports betting sites all you need to do is follow the same selection criteria we have. We base our recommendations on several important factors that we are confident would influence your own choice.

  • Reputation & License: The first thing we look for in esports betting sites that accept $DOGE is whether it’s a reputable establishment. We review the betting platform and what others think about it thoroughly and check for existing licenses.
  • Variety of Esports: Another important aspect is having access to sufficient betting markets across numerous games. This is where esports bookmakers such as Cloudbet and Bitcasino shine.
  • Competitive Odds: One other factor we hold very important is the availability of competitive odds. We recommend Bitcasino as the option that would make the most sense to you when it comes to value betting opportunities. Bitcasino frequently offers fantastic odds for its selections
  • Great Support: We similarly appreciate it when Dogecoin esports betting sites offer fantastic customer support. This way you can stay in touch with the betting agency and ask a range of questions about anything that interests you.
  • Quick Banking: Dogecoin betting sites are definitely quick when it comes to banking. You may enjoy swift deposits and withdrawals as you please and have a great time banking with this currency. It’s quick, it’s easy and there are no fees, plus there is an added layer of anonymity.

Best Esports to Bet on with DOGE

For esports fans who are looking to place a wager on esports through DOGE, we recommend turning to some of the most popular games you may want to bet on out there. The most bet on markets with DOGE are pretty standards. You have Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Dota 2, and League of Legends.

These three games are the holy trinity of all esports betting. Interestingly, CS:GO has a much smaller audience than League of Legends but the game has a much higher betting handle. Players are welcome to bet on these and other esports using Dogecoin.

More popular esports today that are available on DOGE esports betting sites include Apex Legends, Valorant, Overwatch and Call of Duty. There is a clear interest in esports betting on FPS and that is a fact. It’s also quite normal, as FPS games are much easier to understand than RTS games.

Nevertheless, players may bet on RTS games just as well. There are vibrant betting communities around titles such as Warcraft 3, StarCraft II, and Age of Empires IV. More RTS games are also forthcoming.

You may use your DOGE to further bet on a variety of mobile esports. Asia is particularly vibrant when it comes to mobile esports with titles such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Honor of King and most recently, Wild Rift.

Overall, there is no shortage of excellent esports games and all the DOGE esports betting sites we recommend will make sure that they have a well-rounded offer of some excellent options to extend to you.

Is It Legal to Bet with Dogecoin on Esports?

Betting on esports with Dogecoin is actually absolutely legal. You will have no trouble making a deposit or cashing out no matter where you are. Now, some of the esports betting companies we recommend with DOGE will not be available in certain countries because they wish to avoid operating as grey market companies.

Others though are fully available in most markets we have covered in Esports Grizzly. They most usually have a license or are considered to be safe by the majority of esports betting fans out there.

To cut this short, you may bet on Dogecoin completely legally. If you stick with the esports betting sites we have recommended, you will never have to worry about the websites being inaccessible or you are missing out on some important detail.

What DOGE Esports Bets Are There

There are numerous types of esports bets that you may place using Dogecoin. Some of those include Match Winners, which is backing an outright selection or a winner of an event. There are also the Totals that will help you bet on the maximum points scored in a game.

Another favorite of ours is Correct Score. The Correct Score wager is mostly part of the Proposition bets, but we find it particularly helpful when looking to squeeze out extra value from our $DOGE esports betting.

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