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Published: May 7, 2024

Written by: Barney

When it comes to popular mobile strategy games, one might quickly think of Clash of Clans. Released by Finnish game developer Supercell. initially for iOS back in 2012, and then for Android in 2013, the game has become one of the biggest titles in mobile gaming. 

Set in a fantasy-themed persistent world, the player takes the role of the chief of a village, which they have to build out and protect from the raids of other players. Players can join together to create clans, which allow them to participate in Clan Wars together, donate and receive troops, and other options.

Considering its potential for being quite a competitive game as PvP is a crucial aspect of the title, many players are tempted to resort to using various Clash of Clan cheats in order to get the edge on the battlefield. However, what exactly are cheats and are they even worth the risks?

 Are Clash of Clans Cheats Worth It?

Perhaps the most important resource in the game are Gems. These are used in various operations, such as getting special shields to your village or being used to buy Magic Items and other bonuses. For this reason, many cheats revolve around acquiring Gems. 

Unfortunately, this is by far a safe way to play the game. Using these cheats has multiple problems associated with them, which, in our opinion, make it impractical or too risky to use them. Problems with using Clash of Clans cheats include, but are not limited to:

  • Using sketchy websites: The basic game does not allow you to enter cheats like an old-school 90s title. Instead, if a player wants to use cheats, they will have to either modify the game on their device using third-party software, or straight up download a cracked version of the game. Both methods require the use of websites and services whose reliability is hard to check.
  • High risk of getting banned: Pretty self-explanatory, but if you decide to download and use any Clash of Clans cheats, you may be found out and penalties might ensue. These could range from being banned for a certain length of time, to your account being permanently suspended.
  • Frequent game updates make cheats useless: Clash of Clans usually receives updates quite often, which makes cheats virtually unusable, unless the developers of the hacks work extremely quickly to make new ones. Combining this with the aforementioned reasons makes using Clash of Clans cheats not worth the trouble.

What Are Some Alternatives?

Of course, having access to more Gems, Elixirs, and other important resources, is still important and fortunately, there are various in-game ways to acquire them:

  • Completing Achievements: Like other titles, Clash of Clans’s achievement system rewards players for progressing in the game by giving them various resources. You can see the full list of achievements by visiting your profile.
  • Clan War Games: These are week-long Clan events held at the end of the month. Clan members can complete various tasks to earn rewards. The more you progress, the higher the rewards will be.
  • Removing Obstacles: Obstacles are structures on the map that obstruct the placement of a village’s Buildings. You can still build out your village without being hindered by obstacles, but this gets harder to do at higher levels. For this reason, you can remove said obstacles, using Gold or Elixirs. When doing so, you have a chance to get some free Gems.
  • Gem Mine: Perhaps the most obvious way to earn gems is by using this Building. It can produce Gems just like other resource building, but you’ll have to repair it for 120k Builder Elixir before you can earn Gems through it. You’ll also have to have a Builder Hall level 3 or higher, so it’s a bit of a grind to get to the Mine and use it.
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