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Published: June 25, 2021

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  • BLAST Premier will be hosting the BLAST Titans Apex Legends tournament
  • It will feature the best 40 teams from the European region
  • The tournament will be played in two parts, with each having a $24,000 prize pool

BLAST Premiers will be exploring the Apex Legends territory by hosting the first of its kind BLAST Titans tournament. 

BLAST Titans Brings in the Best 40 European Teams

BLAST Premierusually known for its memorable Counter-Strike tournaments, will be entering the Apex Legends scene with a brand new tournament. It will be called BLAST Titans and will be based in Europe. The event begins in a month, with its first part beginning on July 23 and lasting until three days until July 25

BLAST Titans will give an opportunity for 20 professional Apex Legends teams in Europe to test their abilities. The top 10 teams from Apex Legends Global Series’ Europe, Middle East, and Africa region will also be participating in the event. 

Some of the teams’ esports enthusiasts can look forward to seeing are Gambit Esports, Alliance, SoloQgoats, SCARZ Europe, and Fire Beavers. Moreover, the tournament will also invite ten teams as wild cards while another ten will be selected from the open registrations, totaling the number of teams to 40.

All those elite Apex Legends teams will be competing for BLAST Titans’ tempting prize pool of $48,000

The Tournament Will Take Place on Two Consecutive Weekends

The tournament will have two parts. The first will take place between July 23 and 25, where the 40 teams will be playing in a battle royale in a double-elimination format. Here is the schedule for the event:

  • July 23: Group stages
  • July 24: Upper and lower bracket stages
  • July 25: Finals

The second part will kick off the next weekend between July 31 and August 1. However, BLAST Premier is yet to reveal details about the second half’s format. 

Each of the two halves will have half of the total prize pool, meaning each will have $24,000 in store for the best-performing players. 

People who feel confident can also register for the event on BLAST Premier’s official website. Additionally, they can read more about the BLAST Titans tournament and get familiarized with the format. Registrations open today. 

BLAST has long been focused on producing CS: GO tournaments. Although it has hosted events in other games as well, the organization’s decision to host an Apex Legends tournament is still big news. 

The company recently signed a sponsorship deal with Coinbase to popularize cryptocurrencies in esports. Moreover, BLAST is making some really grandiose plans for its Fall Showdown coming later this year. 

In short, BLAST is currently thinking big, which may be what urged it to reach other esports demographics. In any case, this surely is exciting news, especially to Apex fans. 

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