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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • The event organizer BLAST Premier and the CS:GO skin trading platform CS.MONEY have renewed their partnership
  • The two parties will work together throughout 2022 with BLAST promoting CS.MONEY and CS.MONEY sponsoring BLAST’s Play of the Day series
  • Both parties are happy to continue their commitment to one another and to provide the community with exciting new content

BLAST Premier and CS.MONEY have extended their partnership for a fourth year. The deal will see the two support each other with sponsorships and promo content.

BLAST Premier Extends CS.MONEY Deal

The famous Counter-Strike event organizer BLAST Premier has once again renewed its partnership with CS.MONEY – a platform for trading CS:GO skins.

The extended partnership will mark the fourth year in which the two parties will be working together. To celebrate their continued collaboration, the two will seek to engage esports fans through showcasing skins that they can buy on CS.MONEY’s platform. BLAST will also promote CS.MONEY throughout its events. In return, CS.MONEY will provide sponsorship to BLAST Premier’s Play of the Day series.

This isn’t the only deal that BLAST Premier will be extending. Esports fans can expect to see various other parties renew their partnerships with the organizer.

The Two Will Bring More Excitement for the CS:GO Community

With the deal between BLAST and CS.MONEY extended, the companies spoke on their relationship.

BLAST Premier’s head of brand partnerships, Oliver Clarke, revealed that the organizer is glad to continue its dealings with a platform as reliable as CS.MONEY. Clarke is glad to have worked with the brand for three years now and is excited to see the commitment extended.

“Four years is a long time in esports and we’re really proud of the content and activations we’ve delivered during this period.”

CS.MONEY’s chief marketing officer, Artsiom Rabtsau, shared that skins are an important part of the competitive Counter-Strike ecosystem. Because of this, CS.MONEY is committed to being a reliable platform for players to buy and sell skins without worry.

Rabtsau said that partnering with BLAST is just another way for his company to support the passionate Counter-Strike community.

“We want Counter-Strike fans to have more emotions not only from having a new skin in their favorite game but from watching spectacular games. And I am sure that our partnership with BLAST will play a major role in that.”

As an elite organizer, BLAST Premier boasts numerous partners. The company always seeks to pick the best of the best to stand by its side. In 2021 BLAST signed several strategic partnership deals, including one with the German IT company Shikenso Analytics and one with the leading cryptocurrency platform Coinbase.

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