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Published: February 25, 2022

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  • Bilibili Gaming has defeated Team WE in its latest LPL game
  • Bilibili now has a 6-3 record and is only one victory behind the top teams
  • Things aren’t looking so good for Team WE, on the other hand

Bilibili Gaming has defeated Team WE on its path to qualify for the LPL Playoffs. Despite everything, WE didn’t go down without fighting.

Bilibili Gaming Is One Victory Behind the Top Teams

The Chinese esports organization Bilibili Gaming has made up for its recent losses by defeating Team WE. The former organization previously lost to Invictus Gaming and LNG but seems to be back on track.

Despite the aforementioned losses, Bilibili Gaming has an LPL Spring Split record of 6-3 and is but a single victory behind Edward Gaming – the team that won the League of Legends World Championship in 2021. Currently, Edward Gaming alongside LNG and RNG are the only teams with seven victories in the Spring Split.

Bilibili Gaming has just increased its chance to go to the playoffs while Team WE’s chances have plummeted. The latter team currently shares the last place in the LPL with ThunderTalk as both have the underwhelming 1-8 record.

A Short Summary of The Clash

Despite their unfavorable result, Team WE didn’t go down without putting up a fight. As analysts predicted, Bilibili Gaming had the advantage in almost every teamfight during game one and yet WE always rose up and came back for more. Still, despite the team’s motivated play, Bilibili’s pure force broke their ranks, with Liu “Crisp” Qing-Song as one of the top fighters. The 23-year-old talent had a whopping 86% kill participation in the first game alone. Despite Bilibili’s relentless attacks, WE managed to protect their base for 48 minutes before the competitors took it down.

Team WE buckled up for the second game and started on a good foot. Cui “Shanks” Xiao-Jun picked Veigar and helped his team get several dragons and the Dragon Soul. Not only that but he dealt a total of almost 20K damage, completely shattering Bilibili’s defense. With such a strong early game, WE managed to defeat their competitors in 28 minutes.

WE’s momentum carried on to game three where its jungler Jiang “beishang” Zhi-Peng assisted in several successful ganks. Sadly, WE’s triumph was short-lived as the team quickly started to lose steam. Bilibili felt the opening and immediately pushed forward, destroying WE’s Nexus and ending the game in just 26 minutes.

Bilibili’s victory is a great moment for the team as continues to strife for a spot in the playoffs. The team’s next game will be against JD Gaming and is scheduled for February 27.

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