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Published: June 10, 2021

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  • Betway and G2 Esports have signed a two-year partnership
  • As partners, the two will run various activations
  • G2 founder promises some exciting stuff are coming soon

Betway solidifies its presence in esports by signing a major partnership with yet another popular team. 

Betway Shakes Hands With Yet Another Organization

Online gambling platform Betway will be partnering with G2 Esports – one of the most influential organizations in esports. The two giants will support each other’s growth through various activations, including matches, giveaways streams, and more for the next two years. Moreover, the two partners envision educating people on responsible and moderate betting and avoiding untrustworthy operators. 

Betway is no stranger to esports – the company has long seen the gambling potential of competitive gaming and has already established some strong ties with Berlin International Gaming, Ninjas in Pyjamas, FURIA, PSG Esports, and MIBR. The latter recently received an extension to the deal in order to cover MIBR’s female CS:GO roster as well, showing that Betway is seeking to keep strong relationships with its partners.     

Although the two parties refused to talk about the monetary aspect of their newly-established partnership, Adam Savinson from Betway gave Esports Insider some insight into the bookmaker’s perspective. 

 “Partnering with global powerhouse teams like G2 allows us to access their superstar players, giving us more ammunition to give back to the community through market-leading content. With each landmark partnership, we also associate ourselves with the brands that the audience loves, making sure that we are supporting the industry and pushing esports forward.”

Although Betway has signer partnerships with numerous influential teams, Savinson revealed that not all relationships play out the same. For example, G2 has strong attention to detail when working with partners and does everything with the fan community in mind. 

 “Every team is different, and we have worked extensively with G2 to create a distinct and innovative activation plan that works specifically for their fans. With each new Betway partnership, we really try to push innovative marketing to the next level, and you will see that exact same focus on audience engagement throughout the sponsorship.”

“Esports Have Embraced Betting as a Part of the Ecosystem,” G2 Founder Says

The same way Betway is well-versed in working with esports teams, G2 has experience in working together with bookmakers – in 2018, the organization had teamed with 

G2 Esports’ founder Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez teased that the G2 and Betway have planned some exciting surprises for the near future. 

 “We’re focused on developing a whole host of unique experiences that allow our fans and the wider community the opportunity to experience esports in a way they have never done before,” Rodriguez said. 

Esports’ growth following the COVID-19 pandemic definitely made them more appealing to gambling operators. At the same time, esports has also started welcoming bookmakers as a part of the industry. Rodriguez explained:

“There’s been a greater focus on esports over the past year, and the industry has embraced the existence of betting as part of the ecosystem. There are different attitudes towards betting across the globe – in Europe, it is well established, and in the US, it is growing in popularity. It’s becoming a huge part of the entertainment that happens around the esports industry, and it is exciting to be a part of this.

Both Betway and G2 Esports are well-known names in their respective fields, which brings no doubt that they will become powerful partners.

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