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Published: January 9, 2024

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • It will see Smarkets gain access to PandaScore’s esports betting products
  • These include the provision of extensive statistics and odds about numerous esports titles
  • The collaboration is seen as the next step in Smarkets’ foray into esports

The deal will enhance users’ experience by providing them with more engaging and accurate methods to wager on their favorite games and tournaments.

Smarkets and PandaScore Enter Collaboration

Smarkets is one of the most popular betting exchanges out there which deals with wagering on various classic sports and esports. Earlier today, the platform made the next step in improving its esports betting user experience by announcing a collaboration with esports data collection service PandaScore. The deal will see Smarkets gain access to PandaScore’s esports betting products.

PandaScore is an award-winning service that utilizes a team of experts on esports trading combined with a novel AI-powered approach to provide reliable and extensive statistics and odds about numerous esports titles. Smarkets will integrate this approach into its offerings which allow patrons to wager on events in popular esports games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike.

With this deal, Smarkets expects to greatly increase both its efficiency and the quality of user experience. The operator will also gain access to PandaScore’s innovative BetBuilder tool, which will allow players to curate their own bets for added engagement. Smarkets’ punters can also experience PandaScore’s MicroBetting product, which is a great tool to increase engagement whilst betting.

Officials Comment On the Deal

Senior Sales Manager at PandaScore Dasha Kirilishina explained that the company is excited to see its new partner, Smarkets, delve deeper into the world of esports. They also explained that the new partnership is just the beginning of a new wave of providing a more engaging and authentic experience that fans of esports have come to expect when betting on their favorite game titles and tournaments.

“The esports betting market is big and it’s only getting bigger. Forward-thinking operators such as Smarkets can use our solutions and products to engage players now and to form a deep, genuine connection that leads to long-term loyalty before their rivals get in on the action,” Kirilishina further explained. “This is a great partnership for us, adding yet another big name from the world of sports to our impressive roster of customers.”

Ryan Caruana, Head of Technical Compliance at Smarkets, also added that since esports betting requires a different approach to standard sports betting, PandaScore is a natural choice to help the company delve deeper into the field. “Its data and odds feed are the best in the business, and its suite of betting tools is in a class of its own. This partnership allows us to offer esports in an authentic, meaningful way, and we look forward to engaging new bettors while also providing significant added value to those that are already wagering with Smarkets.”

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