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Best PUBG Betting Sites

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is one of the most popular esports battle royale game options out there. Today, we take a look at the most famous PUBG betting sites and how you can place your first wager on your favorite tournaments and markets. PUBG runs tournaments all-year-round, which means that there are plenty of top-tier competitions where you can truly benefit from your knowledge of the game.

Now, it does help to know what the best esports betting sites that accept PUBG bets are. This is why we will cover not just the latest PUBG tournaments, but also all there is to know about the sites that offer you betting markets to wager on. Without further ado, let's introduce you to the best esports betting sites for PUBG.

Best PUBG Betting Sites

The best PUBG betting sites are all built in a way that provides you with excellent and outstanding value. They are licensed, trusted, and secure offers that will stick with you long after you have placed your first wager. Esports fans are passionate about PUBG and they want to only wager somewhere where they get a top value.

This is why the best betting sites that offer PUBG markets will definitely look to provide punters with several features. We have reviewed these for your convenience.

Massive Variety of PUBG Betting Markets

The first thing to look out for is whether a website duly covers everything you would expect it to. This means complete coverage of the full PUBG esports ecosystem, including the PUBG Global Championship, local tournaments, and generally all top-tier games. Popular wagers on PUBG competitions include but aren't limited to:

  • Match winner
  • Tournament winner
  • In-play/live
  • Prop
  • Totals

There are all sorts of cool wagering opportunities that you can explore in full, and a great PUBG betting site will definitely make sure to bring them all.

Trusted, Safe, and Legit PUBG Betting Experience

If you want to have the best possible betting experience placing a wager on the outcome of a PUBG game, you should definitely choose a website that is licensed and has a strong reputation for integrity.

This is why we only recommend betting sites that meet our rigorous reviewing criteria which take a close look at complaints against individual brands, the availability of a license, and an esports bookie's overall commitment to esports.

Great Odds, Fun Promos, Tight Community

To make PUBG betting even more fun, esports bookies will definitely want to offer you competitive odds and fixtures. This means that the best sites will consistently draw better value on a game than many of the competitors, which should let you boost your own chance to win.

PUBG betting sites will similarly feature excellent promotions that can be extended as lump sums, but most commonly come as odds boosters, cashback offers, and free or risk-free bets. Besides the odds and promos, PUBG fans also want to find a website that feels like a community and has a good social media following.

Reliable and Quick Overall Banking

Another very aspect of the experience at PUBG betting sites is whether they provide sufficient banking opportunities. What this means is that players should have the option to deposit and cash out their winnings on the spot and without any complications.

This is why we only recommend PUBG betting sites that meet a strict set of criteria that lets players clear their banking operations quickly and efficiently.

Tips on How to Win Betting on PUBG

PUBG gambling can be a lot of fun but you will surely have a little more fun if you are winning even more out of every wager you place. So, for this reason, we are bringing you not just the best PUBG gambling sites, but also volunteer a few time-tested practices that we know for a fact will help you achieve more.

#1 Follow the Top PUBG Teams

In order to make a difference when you bet, you will probably need to follow the best PUBG teams out there. You want to see what they have to offer, how they play, and more importantly – where their success lies.

Is it an overall execution or a single player? What happens when a player leaves a team? These are all valid questions that you ought to be asking yourself and the answers are only available if you do spend the time finding out more about them.

#2 Pick the Best PUBG Esports Betting Sites

You definitely want to pick the best PUBG betting site when you are about to get started and place your first wagers. This is easy as EsportsGrizzly will definitely assist you and help you sort this out.

Still, it's good to check the available betting markets, odds, and tournaments covered yourself before deciding if you are happy with what a bookie has to offer you.

#3 Watch Live Tournaments and Games

The next thing you can do to up your PUBG esports betting game is to take a good look at what games and tournaments are going on. You want to generally be following these closely as they will provide you with fresh PUBG betting opportunities.

Not least, watching live will not only help you to accumulate better knowledge and understanding of the game, but you will similarly be able to place in-play wagers which will boost your overall gameplay and give you fresh opportunities to win off a PUBG wager.

#4 Play the Game Yourself

To get a working knowledge of PUBG betting, you will have to play the game yourself. You do not need to go pro, but by playing a few hours a week, you will actually be able to read into the metagame and have a solid understanding of why certain things do not work and others do.

There is no need to go pro or be even a high-tier player. Even if you brawl with other low-skilled players, you will learn enough to improve your PUBG betting like no theoretical knowledge could.

#5 Bet at Two Esports Bookies

Another thing to look out for when seeking to boost your success in PUBG betting is to pick two different esports bookmakers. There is a very good reason for that. All good bookmakers will be in constant competition with themselves. What this means is that they are going to try and offer you better odds.

If you keep two esports bookies registered, this means that you will be able to benefit from the small fluctuations in the odds. Even small coefficients will build up over time, offering you an outstanding experience that is truly worth your while. You are very much free to do as you please of course, but having two registered PUBG esports betting sites is smart.

#6 Do Not Rush Into Wagers

Remember, you are not on the clock and are doing all of this for fun. There is no need for you to be rushing into esports betting of any sort. There is no minimum amount that you are obligated to place or a maximum one for that matter. You will simply bet on the PUBG markets that you feel make sense.

Some players do get carried away and start betting a bit too much. So far as good PUBG betting tips go, we suggest that you stick to basic bets until after your game knowledge and betting knowledge have consolidated significantly.

Can You Gamble with PUBG Skins?

Skin gambling used to be a popular option for many players back in the day. However, skin gambling websites are hardly reputable and they are usually associated with practices that put players' information, funds and safety at risk. We strongly encourage you to avoid any PUBG esports betting site that accepts skin gambling or promotes it as its main form of wager possible.

Skin gambling has great value for the site and to an extent the player as it relies on in-game goods that do not necessarily cost money. However, skin gambling is a prohibited form of entertainment and that is why a site that offers it should be looked at with suspicion.

PUBG Promotions and Bonuses – Value to Bettors

One big question that persists is whether bonuses provide real value to bettors. The short answer is yes, they do, but then again there are some caveats that you need to be on the lookout for, especially if you are keen to get the most out of the experience. 

Bonuses can help you begin betting on PUBG esports, but you will still need to consider a number of factors to make the most out of the experience and this is a simple fact. There are many bonuses to pick from as well. 

For starters, you have the sign-up bonus, which will let you immediately scoop up some small amount and wager it. Some esports bookies will run risk-free wagers, which eans that if you bet and lose, you will be able to reclaim the amount – as long as you bet it again. Sometimes, an esports betting site may even offer you a free bet that you can stake at specific conditions.

Not least, you have various cashback offers that are similar to the cashback offer which is great. Players are generally encouraged to explore all PUBG esports betting bonuses available, but do mind the bonus terms and conditions and have a good look at what the wagering requirements are to truly make the most out of the bonus.

In short, you can still wager on PUBG and win even without a bonus. A bonus is more so for the extra money if the wagering conditions are right and the bonus – is worth it.

PUBG Betting Apps

For those of you looking to bet on the go, you can rest assured that you will have the opportunity to do so. Players are welcome to use their handheld devices in order to get the best results and place a wager on the go.

PUBG wagering is indeed more comfortable when you know that you can place a bet from your Android or iOS device making for a fun and easy way of experiencing esports betting. Most bookies even have dedicated apps that you can download, but you can bet with equal success from your handheld device's mobile browser just as well.

PUBG Online Betting FAQs

Are there PUBG betting bonuses?

Yes, there are various PUBG betting bonuses. Players will discover a lot of opportunities when they are looking to bet on PUBG esports and claim such excellent promos as free bets, risk-free wagers, loyalty, and cashback offers.

What are the best PUBG esports betting sites?

To find the top betting sites that offer PUBG betting, we recommend choosing from our list of esports gambling sites. We have reviewed each name on the list to help you discover the best esports markets for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.

Can I bet on live games in PUBG?

Yes, you can absolutely bet on live games for PUBG. There is a thriving PUBG competitive scene which means that you can place your wagers in real-time, which is another way to enjoy the game.

Is betting on PUBG safe and legit?

Yes, betting on PUBG is completely safe and legit. However, you still need to pick esports betting sites that are trustworthy and safe. Players who are new will soon discover that esports betting is a lot of fun, as long as they stick with the best-ranked esports betting sites.

How old do I have to be to bet on PUBG tournaments?

18 or 21. Depending on where you are in the world, the legal gambling age for you may vary from 18 to 21. Please take your local laws in consideration before making an esports bet on PUBG games or tournaments.