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Published: August 2, 2021

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  • A strategy book of the esports team BIG has been released online
  • The book is dated 2019, and it describes strategies for the ESL Pro League
  • It was leaked to the public back then but was quickly taken down

A Berlin International Gaming start book has been shared with the public once again, after first being leaked in 2019. 

BIG Has Shared Their Old Strategy Book

Esports organization Berlin International Gaming has shared an old strategy book from 2019. It gives important insight into how a professional team thinks and will be an interesting read for aspiring esports athletes and BIG fans alike. 

This isn’t the first time the book has been shared with the public, however. Back in April 2019, when the information in it was still relevant, BIG’s in-game captain Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz’s accidentally leaked it during a Twitch stream. The problem was that this was just before the ESL Pro League Season 9, and the book contained BIG’s plan for the event. Because of this, the team quickly took it down in hopes it hadn’t spread. 

Some unconfirmed reports claim the book was shared once again in August 2019 when Fatih “gob b “ Dayik left BIG. 

However, now that the information is 2-years old, BIG’s current coach, Alexander “kakafu” Szymanczyk, decided to officially release it to the fans. 

An Insight of How a Professional Thinks Like

A curious finding from the strategy book reveals how carefully professionals plan things out – in the book, and BIG had laid out different strategies for every team they were going to face at the ESL Pro League. Depending on which team they were up against, BIG would completely change their playstyle. 

Additionally, BIG used coded language in some places, making some strategies a bit unclear and showing how complex esports strategizing actually is. 

Esports teams rarely share their strategies, even if they are outdated. Good analysts can easily notice patterns that will be valid even in future games. However, that makes the release of the strat book all the more valuable as it offers an unparalleled opportunity for fans of BIG to understand more about the elite mindset of the team’s athletes. 

BIG deciding to officially give the strat book to the public is a kind gesture that will surely be welcomed by fervent admirers of the team. And since the book is two years old, it won’t bring much harm to BIG because, during that time, they’ve undergone numerous roster changes. Right now, the document serves as a valuable relic that gives an important insight into what it means to be a professional gamer. 

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