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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Diablo 2 fans start a debate whether the game’s seasonal structure can change a bit to resemble Path of Exile
  • This immediately sparks a debate on Reddit whether there is need for Blizzard to “reinvent” the wheel
  • The community seems split right in the middle, but the truth seems to be that all Diablo 2 players have sought more content and challenges throughout their gaming lives

Path of Exile was modeled after Diablo 2 by breakaway Blizzard developers. Yet, the game turned out to be a completely different take on the APRG genre. Today, some Diablo 2 fans like what they see and want it for their favorite title.

Diablo 2 Fans Start Debate about Clever Path of Exile Features

Diablo has probably started it all for generations of hack-and-slash RPG players. Yet, Path of Exile is the game that has truly taken the experience to the next level. Now, Diablo fans do want more of the same, that is more of what Path of Exile has to offer to different players.

Blizzard’s game has been doing fairly well and the return of Diablo Resurrected has been celebrated if somewhat bumpy event. Now, though, Diablo fans seem to know what they want, and they expect Blizzard to step up and catch up to the way Grinding Gear Games present a constant stream of new content in their Path of Exile game, a free title with immense depth and countless possible builds.

Blizzard has been known to be a trend-setter, not a trend shoplifter, but in this case, borrowing healthy ideas from the competition is always refreshing. One thing that fans do want is to see is that any new content or seasonal feature is preserved, even if it means allocating it to a retired league season.

This way, people who still want to explore content in a given league can happily do so and even find many like-minded individuals to share in their adventures. In a way, it’s what Blizzard is learning now that it has restarted its World of Warcraft classic expansions, a move that was once sniggered at on company level, but that inevitably happened just because some of the older expansions had a massive nostalgia tsunami behind them.

Good Memories or 24/7 Time Machine

Well, many Diablo fans are also reminiscent of the old days when things were “better.” Some good examples of what items could be still accessible if Blizzard was to have some leagues stashed away include the Ethereal Weapons that were a one-time opportunity for Season 24 players, or the Soul Shards in Season 25 that will inevitably disappear in the next season.

Diablo hardcore fans have been loyalists to the franchise to the point that even Path of Exile has not been able to convert them. However, they are completely happy to see more Path of Exile features involved, and let’s face it – they have probably played the game extensively to know it only too well, the turncoats!

However, there was a crux of hardcore players and followers of the Diablo franchise who seemed miffed from the very start. But, as comments throughout the Reddit post pointed out, even those purists probably spent countless hours modding the game, hungry for new content, challenges, and just “stuff to do.”

A few though offered a calm rebuke, arguing that “the father of the modern ARPG” already had it all sorted out and did not need to “reinvent the wheel.”

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