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Published: October 28, 2021

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  • Rumors about CDL OpTic Gaming and Dallas Empire merger date back to August
  • A new leak by iLLeY’s barber suggests that a “new venture” may be coming
  • The new venture might as well be the rumored merger

The talks about a possible merger between OpTic Gaming and Dallas Empire have been out for a while. Now, a recent leak suggests that the rumors regarding the merger may be true.

A New Leak Suggests That Rumors Regarding OpTic-Dallas Merger May Be True

Mergers are not uncommon events, especially in esports. Similar to sports transfers and mergers, esports teams also switch players or undertake major mergers. It was back in August this year when rumors about a possible merger between the rivals Dallas Empire and OpTic Gaming emerged. While the curiosity of esports fans continues to grow, official confirmation from either of the involved parties is yet to be released.

With that in mind, sometimes rumors may be reaffirmed by leaks. This is in no way is a solid confirmation, but rather another piece of information that continues to fuel the curiosity of esports fans. This is exactly what happened just recently.

CoD esports pro, Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal recently visited his barber to receive a new haircut. Once the haircut was done, the barber wanted to show off the fresh haircut that iLLeY just got and tagged him on Instagram. What is more interesting is the fact that the barber wrote “Cleaned up my dawg @illeyinder for his new venture.” Furthermore, he even tagged Dallas Empire and OpTic Gaming.

Understanding that he may have sparked curiosity or even confirmed an already existing rumor about the merge between the two CDL organizations, the barber deleted the original post. After that, he uploaded another post and tagged iLLeY with the text “Got my boy right @illeyinder.” He did include a tag for Dallas Empire, but nothing about a new venture or OpTic Gaming.

Whatever pushed the barber to act like this did not have much effect. As the posts were already seen by people and uploaded via other platforms. Ultimately, whether or not the merger will happen is up to OpTic Gaming or Dallas Empire to confirm.

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