Thursday, August 18, 2022
Angel Hristov

Angel Hristov

Angel’s first exposure to video games came in the form of strategies such as the “Heroes of Might and Magic”, “Warcraft” and the “Age of Empires” series. This inevitably led him to relish the spirit of competition surrounding gaming. As an artist, Angel is an enthusiast who sees video games not as a mere form of entertainment but rather as a middle ground where arts and mind sports meet.

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After Some Confusion, Valve Confirms Fnatic’s Slot in The International

Valve confirmed Fnatic grabs the 12th and last invitational spot for Dota 2’s TI11The confusion was brought about due to ...

LCK Awards for 2022 Summer.

Gen.G Players Dominate Riot’s All-LCK Team Lists

Four players have been chosen for the All-LCK top teamAnother Gen.G player heads the second team in Riot’s listingsThe second ...


Asmongold Has High Hopes for Riot’s Upcoming MMO

The Twitch streamer recently said some good things about the Riot MMOHe thinks Riot has “everything it needs to succeed”Riot ...


Get_right, f0rest, Friberg Reunite for European Rmr CS:GO Open Qualifiers

The legendary trio will once again grace fans with amazing playsThe players are joined by two others in their team ...

Sentinels' Valorant NA roster.

Shroud Blames Lack of Training for Sentinels Dropping Out of the NA VCT LCQ

Sentinels suffered a close defeat by 100 Thieves at the VCT Last Chance QualifierShroud says the team had only five ...