Saturday, February 4, 2023
Stefan Velikov

Stefan Velikov

Stefan is a well-rounded esports writer with a broad field of interests that goes well beyond competitive video gaming. When not writing about video gaming, Stefan is busy shooting people in airsoft competitions or forging armors for his LARP group. Yes, ACTUAL armors.

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Entropiq's new CS:GO roster.

Entropiq Reveals Their Revamped CS:GO Roster

Entropiq rebuilds after putting up Russian-based squad for transfer in October The new roster consists of an assortment of European ...


Cloud9 Defeat ENCE And Secure a Spot at IEM Katowice Group Stage

C9 and ENCE meet again after the IEM Dallas 2022 grand final Although C9 emerged victorious, the match was a ...


Apex London Now Has a Detailed Covid Plan

Apex London is prepared if players test positive for Covid and have to be isolated The event has extra rooms ...


ESL Will Now Be Streamed on Many Platforms

The tournament organizer has ended its exclusive deal with Twitch ESL events will return on YouTube and other streaming platforms ...

Game Pass to feature Riot Games titles.

League‘s Patch 13.3 Will See a Wave of Buffs

Many underappreciated champions are getting buffed in League’s next patch Riot will target early-game ganking and jungling Many support tanks, ...