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Published: September 1, 2021

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  • Astralis’ first-year results for 2021 paint a positive outlook for the company’s financial operations
  • The esports has been able to reduce its net loss to $2.01 million in H1 and marked a significant increase in revenue
  • Last year, Astralis suffered heavily from the lack of esports events and the general effects of the pandemic

Astralis has posted a stronger H1 in 2021, beating 2020 results by 92%, and is confident that the organization will keep its good results in months to follow.

Astralis Reveals Strong First Financial Half of 2021

Esports powerhouse Astralis has been able to cushion some of the financial impacts of the pandemic and posted a total loss of $2 million over the first half-year in 2021. Astralis has been dominating global esports for a while now, with their main focus remaining on Counter-Strike.

While they have been able to continually secure prize pools and add to their riches, their overall financial performance flagged in 2020. The organization, though, has made sure to keep this away from day-to-day esports operations, allowing players to focus entirely on improving their game and maintaining a leading position.

Astralis has accumulated $6.24 million in 2021 so far, which is a 92% jump year-over-year from 2020. In other words, the organization is on the right path, tackling the remainders of a substantial net loss, which amounts to only $2.01 million in H1 2021.

Astralis has been focusing a lot of its operations on competitive gaming, to name Counter-Strike, League of Legends and FIFA, and the team may actually benefit from attempting to diversify its revenue streams a little.

Recovering from the Pandemic Just Like Everyone Else

FaZe Clan, a rival CS:GO team, has been able to cash in heavily during the pandemic. The organization was established as both a competitive esports outfit but also as a content-production franchise, with FaZe Clan’s videos about Call of Duty continuing to be a source of fun and entertainment for hundreds of thousands of fans.

Back to Astralis, their financial results reflect a heavier focus on competitive gaming, which is great, especially when the organization knows that it is capable to continue sustaining itself this way. Out of the $8.26 million generated in revenue in 2020, Astralis scored 66% from sponsorships, another 27% from prize money, and 3% from the merchandise. Another 2% have been accumulated through royalties and a misc. category has accounted for the remaining 2%.

Astralis CEO Anders Hørsholt had this to tell investors and fans: “Reduced effects of the pandemic will gradually improve our business opportunities in key business areas, however, we do not expect significant effects in the coming six months.”

Astralis is confident that the organization may retain its momentum and grow it into a stronger financial result.

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