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Published: September 29, 2021

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  • In a “Just Chatting” stream Asmongold spoke about his irregular streaming schedule
  • He revealed that he’s been hyped for New World, but will not be able to maintain consistency
  • Asmongold is currently facing quite some problems in his personal life, including his mother falling ill a week ago

Asmongold reveals that his passion for streaming hasn’t faded away but he still faces issues that prevent him from returning to creating content consistently.

Asmongold Regrets Not Being  Able to Maintain Consistency

Zack “Asmongold” is a prominent video game content creator who has become popular for his insightful, honest and entertaining World of Warcraft videos. While he has had some controversies surrounding him, his earnest demeanor is liked by many. In recent times Asmongold decided to grow his field of interest and try out new games as well but sadly, his streaming schedule has not been very consistent.

In a recent stream on September 28, Asmongold returned to his main channel and spoke about his current lack of consistency. He revealed that it’s not because of laziness or anything like that but rather because of recent happenings in his personal life that have been pretty hard for him.

In the video, Asmongold revealed that he’s been hyped for New World, Amazon’s new MMO that just entered the beta stage.

“I’ve been really excited for the release of New World for a year, and I at least wanted to stream the release,” Asmongold admitted in the video.

However, he doesn’t think he can return on a more consistent schedule right now because of the problems he’s facing.  

Asmongold’s Real Life Setbacks

Asmongold has previously spoken about his frequent absences and has mentioned that they are mostly because of personal matters that he has to handle. Even more unfortunately, on September 17 the streamer’s mother had to be admitted to the hospital because of health issues. Zack kept the community updated through tweets.

On September 26, the streamer shared that his mother is doing okay. In a heartwarming reveal, Zack had previously mentioned on Twitter that he sometimes reads all the encouraging messages to his mother to lift her spirits.

Yet, in yesterday’s stream, Zack added that even though things seem better, he still needs to take care of his mother and the house, which will also undermine his consistency. The community in the comments was overwhelmingly supportive of the content creator’s situation and many wished him and his mom all the best.

In any case, while it’s unfortunate that fans won’t be seeing Asmongold return on a regular schedule in the near future, it’s best for him to focus on what truly matters. All of the community hopes that everything will be okay and that he’ll one day return in high spirits.

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