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Published: February 11, 2022

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  • Asmongold has spoken about WoW combat addons, saying that they ruin the game experience
  • He pointed out that many addons go beyond simple UI fixes and provide users with an unfair advantage
  • Asmongold argued that because of the addon community, Blizzard has made its recent challenges far too hard for the regular players

Asmongold has spoken against World of Warcraft’s combat addons, claiming that Blizzard should remove them from the game.

Asmongold Criticizes Addons for Ruining WoW

The famous MMO streamer Asmongold has taken an active stance against World of Warcraft’s addons, claiming that Activision Blizzard should remove them from the game. According to him, they ruin the game experience for everyone.

WoW addons are pieces of free third-party code that overwrites some of the aspects of the game, mainly in relation to the user interface. Some players use them to optimize their in-game performance and gain an edge over some of their peers. Activision Blizzard has a strict policy on what addons should be like to prevent people from exploiting the game.

However, Asmongold said that even with Blizzard’s policy in place, addons should be removed as a whole. He argues that many addons are more than just UI features and provide players with an unfair advantage over others. He pointed to WeakAuras, an addon that provides players with valuable combat warnings.

Addons Are Unfair to Some Players

“The fact is that, in my opinion, combat addons have made the game worse. WeakAuras have made the game worse,” Asmongold stated.

He showed that WeakAuras can be used to ignore some of the game’s crucial mechanics and make things way too easy for users. Asmongold explained that this is a huge detriment to the game as it forces the developers to make their challenges harder to race with addon developers, thus hurting the players who don’t use addons.

Lastly, Asmongold added that addons create an extra layer of skill difference between players as those who pick the better addons will have a clear advantage over others.

As someone who cares about World of Warcraft, Asmongold has always pointed out its shortcomings, in hopes of providing valuable feedback to the developers. Sadly, the latter haven’t been very fond of his critique and have previously acted very antagonistically towards the streamer.

That isn’t to say that Asmongold always disagrees with Blizzard, though. He recently praised them for banning WoW boosting services as they negatively impact the community.

Asmongold just returned to his main channel after several months of absence.

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