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Published: March 15, 2023

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  • Apex servers have been experiencing large amounts of lag in the past month
  • Players are often faced with massive lag spikes and rubberbanding
  • Some have even experienced crashes and temporary bans due to the bad connection

Apex Legends fans have taken to online forums to express their annoyance at the game’s massive lag issues that appear to be plaguing it since Revelry dropped.

Apex Servers Have Many Problems

We are well into Apex Legends’ latest season Revelry, which launched a month ago and brought a ton of new content and balancing changes to the game. However, not all has been plain sailing as the major update also brought a ton of unintended problems to Apex, a lot of which developer Respawn Entertainment has been trying to fix in the past weeks.

Despite working hard on the problems, one seems to stay persistent and its continually annoys players – slow servers. Many fans took to social media to complain about the connection issues they have been facing since Apex’s newest season dropped. The worse part is this issue has been observed for almost a month now. 

A good summary of what Apex fans think about the problem can be found in this Reddit post. The OP posted a screenshot of their game showing a high ping, saying that the problem is so persistent that Apex has become unplayable for them. 

Many other fans responded to the post, claiming to have the same issue. “New season had server problems for me as well. Literally hundreds of ping for no reason for the whole game when it’s usually 20ms,” one very highly voted comment reads. A number of commenters wondered if the problem lies within their Internet provider, but the evidence suggests that the problem is mainly situated with Respawn’s servers, as the players did not have such problems before the Apex update. 

Players Are Even Getting Kicked Out

For some players, the server issues have even resulted in them getting bans because their games crash when the latency is too high. The game registers this as the player quitting early and gives them a temporary ban for this. “The random crashes/lag along with sometimes a 10-minute ban and a ~ -60 RP are really making me angry as well. Last week I had a good +400 RP game, and it got rollbacked after the whole server crashed the next game that we joined. I tried posting to the EA apex legends forums about it, but the clown circus employees don’t respond to any server-related issues.”

To top things off, there have been many reports of players receiving Error Code 110 over the past weeks. This error prevents players from logging in to their EA accounts, and the corresponding fix has not yet been found. 

So far, Respawn has not yet commented on the matter.

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