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Published: October 5, 2022

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  • The event will run from October 4 to November 1
  • It will introduce three different Halloween-themed game modes played on thematic maps
  • Some very sought-after skins will also be returning

This year’s Apex Legends Fight or Fright Halloween event will last four weeks, making it the longest-running event in the game so far.

New Game Modes Coming to Apex

It’s the so-called spooky month again and games are releasing thematic events and cosmetics. Not to be behind the curve, EA has also launched its Fight or Fright 2022 event for its popular hero-based shooter Apex Legends. This year’s event will last throughout the whole month of October, ending on November 1, making it the longest-running event in the game so far. 

Lasting four weeks, each one will bring a limited-time mode to the game.  The first one is Shadow Royal which will be played on a nighttime version of Olympus. Available from October 4 to 11 and returning later in the month, the mode will feature some interesting mechanics. Players who die will become shadow versions of the legends that can’t use weapons but can respawn indefinitely, wall run, and deal increased melee damage. As long as at least one member is alive, the squad is still in the game. 

The next mode is called Gun Run and will be available from October 11 to 18. Regular apex players already know it was introduced in the Beast of Prey event, which ended on October 4—the same day Fight or Fright began. It is essentially a Halloween-themed version of the already present Gun Game, which sees players battle through a gauntlet of weapons, getting a new weapon with each kill.

Following Gun Run is the Battlefield-like Control limited-time mode available between October 18 and 25. Taking place on Lava Siphon (World’s Edge), Barometer (Storm Point), and Hammond Labs (Olympus), this game mode will see three teams of nine players (each team is made up of three squads) fight to control specific points on the map.

The final week of the event will see the returning of Shadow Royale, giving players a last taste of the limited game mode before the end of the event. 

What Cosmetics Will Be Available?

In addition to the three temporary game modes, EA is also releasing some Halloween-themed skins for legends and guns. These can be viewed on EA’s official page about the event and include cosmetics for Ash, Seer, Octane, and Wattson.

The skins will be able to be purchased either directly or through several Apex Packs that will be available throughout the event. Some older Fight of Flight skins will also be available through some other bundles. 

Additionally, Wraith’s Voidwalker cosmetic will be available in the shop between October 4 and 11, with a few bundles alongside it. The week after that, however, players can see another skin based on an episode of Stories from the Outlands in the in-game shop. This is Pathfinder’s Memoir Noir which will be available for purchase from October 11 to 18.

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