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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Fire Range is finally getting a big update for the first time since the game’s release
  • It will feature a brand-new map with new customizable dummies and a dedicated 1v1 pit
  • Players will also be able to train basic and advanced movement in the Vert Course

Developers Respawn Entertainment have listened to the fan base and will implement long-requested features in the game’s overhauled Firing Range.

Firing Range Is Getting a Huge Update

Apex Legends’ Firing Range is finally getting a big overhaul in the upcoming Season 17 of the game. The game mode, which is useful for when you want to train with a certain weapon or test out Legend abilities, and even 1v1 with your friends, has seen a relatively small number of new features since the game’s launch over four years ago. However, this is about to change with the launch of Apex’s newest season next week.

For starters, the Firing Range mode will receive a new map, which means that the old one will be replaced. However, the new map will be much larger, allowing players to practice with all the weapons at different ranges. The map will also feature a town setting with buildings for more realistic practice, similar to real matches. This area will feature doors and windows on the buildings too, as these are also important for interactions with abilities.

In addition to that, the new Firing Range’s dummies are now fully customizable. They can now be set to run, strafe, and even shoot back at you. The difficulty of the game mode can also be modified, providing players with a diverse set of challenges. 

One more important addition to the revamped Firing Range is the 1v1 pit. Although versus games have been set up by players before, this required a more hands-on approach and also mean players had to revive each other. This was because the old Firing Range simply was not designed with 1v1 in mind. However, developers Respawn Entertainment finally realized how much players enjoy this and added a dedicated Duel Pit for 1v1 combat. What’s more, you can join in-progress Firing Range sessions, making it much easier to invite friends. 

The last feature coming to Apex’s new Firing Range is movement practice. Advanced movement techniques are a crucial part of the game and players can now train them in the new Vert Course. This has also been a feature, heavily requested by the player base. 

Apex Legends’ newest season will bring a ton of other things to the game, including new cosmetics, as well as the game’s newest Legend called Ballistic. Respawn revealed the gray-haired Thunderdome Games veteran last week with a few short videos. He will be the oldest playable character in the game and he will have a unique passive, giving him a slot for a third weapon, making for an interesting playstyle.

Apex Legends’ new Season 17 will launch next week on May 9.

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