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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • The event will run for two weeks starting on June 20 and ending on July 4
  • It will see Seer receive massive debuffs to all of his abilities
  • The patch will also arrive with a lot of cosmetic bundles and major and minor bug fixes

Among the 24 cosmetic items and a bunch of quality-of-life changes that are coming to Apex Legends’ Dressed to Kill event, Seer will also see a large nerf to his entire arsenal.

Seer Will Receive Large Nerfs

Despite what the name might suggest, Apex Legends Se4ason 17’s newest in-game event “Dressed to Kill” isn’t focused mainly on cosmetics, although they do play an important role as well. Instead, the event, which will run from June 20 to July 4, comes with its fair share of gameplay tweaks, with which Seer seems to have been hit the hardest, as the legend will have all his abilities nerfed. 

At first glance, it might seem odd that Seer of all characters is the one receiving such big nerfs. After all, with a pick rate of just 2.2%, it doesn’t seem like he’s the defining meta champion of the game’s current state. However, Seer shines when players are able to reveal enemies to their teammates using his passive Heartbeat Sensor.

After the newest patch drops, however, this ability’s range will be decreased from 75m to 50m, and the range of his tactical Focus Of Attention ability will also be reduced, from 75m to 60m. But the most extreme nerf the legend is receiving is the massive decrease of the range of his Exhibit ultimate ability. Previously it was 50m, but now it will be reduced to barely 15. His tactical ability will also no longer cancel enemy heals, revives, or interactions with Respawn Beacons.

What Else Will Dressed to Kill Bring?

Aside from the huge nerf that Seer will be receiving, Apex’s newest event will also bring a ton of cosmetics to the game. A total of 24 items, including weapon skins, and holosprays, will be added to the game. The store will offer time-limited offers including the Die Tired Bundle and Bounty Hunter Bundle, as well as the Crypto’s [CLASSIFIED], which will be available throughout the whole event.

The newest Apex patch will also introduce several minor balance updates, such as the Evac Tower having a reduced spawn rate to match Heat Shields. Speaking of spawn rates, the Mobile Respawn Beacon will its rate slightly increased. A multitude of bug fixes will also be implemented in the game when the event drops.Finally, Dressed to Kill will arrive with various quality-of-life improvements, a lot of which are centered around the Firing Range. Players will now have the options to switch to 3rd person, show a general-purpose timer, and match dummy helmet levels to shield levels. Various menus of the game have also been tweaked, and a whole bunch of other minor fixes will be added to the game. You can read more details about everything the Dressed to Kill event will bring in the official patch notes.

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