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Published: September 19, 2021

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  • Age of Empires 2 pro starts doing push-ups in the middle of a $100.000 prize tournament
  • Commentators and viewers were taken by surprise at the extraordinary scene
  • This could have been one of the player’s secrets to winning

With a grand prize of $100,000, one would expect players to play at a hundred percent, but one would not expect them to start doing a bunch of push-ups in the middle of the tournament. This is exactly what one pro did, and it might have helped him win.

Extraordinary Events at the Tournament

Age of Empires 2 has had somewhat of a renaissance in the past two years. The over 20-year-old franchise, loved by generations of gamers, has had a huge reemergence on the real-time strategy scene with the launch of Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition two years ago. The franchise is even coming to mobile devices in China.

We are currently in the middle of the Red Bull Wololo V tournament – an international event held in Germany, held from the 13th to the 19th of September.

Naturally the tournament includes various people from around the world, some more eccentric than others. One of the more interesting characters might be Marco “JorDan_AoE” Bloch, a player from Germany, who did an unexpected feat of strength. While waiting for his next match to start, he decided to just start doing push-ups, much to the surprise of casters.

“Is this like, a challenge?”, one of the casters joked. While JorDan_AoE was doing his workout, another caster explained that in some previous tournaments there were rules that when a player loses a game, they have to do ten push-ups. It might have been a misunderstanding from his part, but JorDan_AoE did well more than just ten push-ups.

Perhaps this even helped him as he came up on top with a score of 2-0 for that round. Some even joked that that was the German player’s secret to winning.

A Winning Workout?

JorDan’s extraordinary workout comes in the Red Bull Wololo V tournament, which is the final chapter of the 2021 season. With popular AoE names such as Hera, TheViper, DauT, it is surely one of the biggest concentrations of Age of Empires 2 talents. The tournament is held in Germany, with the final even being streamed from a real medieval castle – Castle Heidelberg.

There is something to be said about exercising in-between matches. Perhaps the sudden rush of adrenaline and oxygen to JorDan’s brain helped him make better decisions and maybe we could all learn something from this. Or perhaps JorDan was simply showing off to his opponent in some sort of psychological warfare technique. Whatever the case, it seems this did help him to win.

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