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Published: December 8, 2021

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  • Popular Twitch streamer Amouranth announces she’s become a model for Playboy
  • She’s announced this on her social media, although Playboy has not said anything officially
  • This is a potential new thing in her recent business ventures

Streaming star Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has once again surprised her fans by claiming she is now officially a Playboy model.

Amouranth Announces She’s Become a Playboy Model

Amouranth is a popular Twitch streamer who is not averse to making questionable content, which even often leads to her being banned from the platform. Despite this, her popularity seems to be staying stable to the point some have said she deserves her own category on Twitch.

Her most recent scandalous act was announced on December 7 when the 28-year-old internet star teased a special announcement on her personal Twitter account. “For 400 likes on this post I’ll blow your socks off with an announcement TODAY,” she wrote.

Naturally, as the bar was set pretty low, it was quickly reached, so in a few hours, Amouranth announced she is now “officially” a Playboy model. To “mark the occasion” the controversial streamer posted an older photo of herself posing on a red playboy bunny outfit with the caption “I’m OFFICIALLY a Playboy Model!”

New Job Opportunities for Amouranth?

So far, the Twitch star has not unveiled much information about the so-called modeling career. Playboy has not confirmed nor denied anything about it either. Most of the information Amouranth has posted boils down to a post on her Instagram with the caption Have you heard the BIG NEWS?” accompanied by a batch of photos, as well as a Discord message saying “IT HAPPENED” and linked to the original announcement tweet.

However, it should be noted that Amouranth follows and is followed by Playboy’s director of marketing and subscriptions on Twitter. There is a possibility that there might at least be a cover shoot sometime in the future.

If Amouranth lands a job with Playboy it will not be the first time the controversial streamer diversifies her income. In fact, she’s trying to become somewhat of a businesswoman, recently announcing potential retirement plans from streaming. It involves buying a gas station to have a passive income. Once that income overtakes the money she gets from Twitch and OnlyFans, she says she might retire from Streaming.

Her busyness ventures do not end here. Recently she invested a million dollars into Visa stock, giving herself 44,1 million in buying power. Amouranth said that was a birthday gift to herself.

Whatever the case with Playboy maybe, perhaps it should come as no surprise that the often-bold streamer might in fact do some kind of collaboration with the company in the future.

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