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Published: November 2, 2021

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  • WoW cosplayer makes stunning Alexstrasza cosplay
  • Claire Obscure brings her favorite character to the real world
  • She shares the many challenges that came up during the costume’s construction

Alexstrasza, WoW’s dragon titan, comes to life thanks to this cosplayer’s stunning costume.

Cosplayer Amazes WoW Fans with Her Rendition of Alexstrasza

World of Warcraft has some of the most iconic character designs of the modern-day gaming scene, with thousands of cosplayers faithfully recreating their favorite fictional warriors and wizards. Designs vary in intricacy and complexity and so do the costumes cosplayers make. However, now and then there seems to be some cosplay that simply sticks well above the rest, and as WoW fans are running low on new updates for the game, one cosplayer decided to fill in the content gap with her amazing rendition of Alexstrasza.

Alexstrasza Comes to Life

For many players, WoW is more than a way to spend some free time, but also an outlet for them to express their creativity. One such player goes by the name of Claire Obscure. In an interview for Dexerto, she said she has always done Blizzard cosplays, starting with Overwatch characters like D.Va and Widowmaker.

After being satisfied with these costumes, she switched to WoW characters. Claire says she finds Blizzard characters, and WoW characters, in particular, have fascinating and challenging to recreate designs. Another reason why Claire chose to recreate Alextrasza is that she’s a big fan of dragons, thus she was naturally drawn towards the guardian of all life in the world of Azeroth. “And I loved having horns on my head!”, she jokes.

Building the Costume

“It was my biggest cosplay, and my first armor cosplay,” Claire says. And when one takes a look at the costume it is clear that lots of time, effort and love for the character were put in.

Claire talks about the challenges that came up during the armor’s construction and it is staggering how much time it actually took to make. She started in late 2019, but she was upset that she did not progress as quickly as she wanted. She took a long break, expecting she would get more motivation in the future, but then the pandemic hit and conventions were all closed. Because of this, she did not have any deadlines, thus even less motivation.

However, her seeing other impressive WoW cosplayers continually inspired her, so finally, she started work on her costume again. And she plans on continuing her series of costumes – “In the future, I would like to make the original version of Alexstrasza”, she said.

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