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Published: November 23, 2022

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  • The popular Twitch star had a mishap recently live on stream
  • xQc left the autoplay on YouTube enabled and he left his computer briefly
  • YouTube started playing highlights of the World Cup while the streamer was away

Accidents live on stream often happen and they are hilarious most of the time, but xQc’s recent blunder might bring him a ban.

xQc Risks a Ban

The World Cup is finally here again and the eyes of all football fans are looking at the host nation of Qatar. Although the event has been going on for just three days, we have already seen drama such as Qatar losing to Ecuador, becoming the first-ever host nation to lose the opening game at a World Cup. 

With sensational matches like this one, and England’s 6-2 victory versus Iran in Group B, it’s not surprising that football fans will see their YouTube recommended algorithm show them highlights from the tournament. However, this can be somewhat risky if you’re a streamer, as popular Twitch star xQc found out recently.

Streamers often like to watch YouTube videos with their audience, and xQc is no exception to that. On November 21, the streamer was doing just that when he walked off-camera after watching a video. However, YouTube has the annoying feature of autoplay, which plays the next video that the algorithm has picked. 

Unknown to the streamer, the next video started playing Germany’s 7-1 battering of Brazil in 2014. While this is already problematic, considering the pictures are copyrighted, the worse was yet to come. Soon after this, the YouTube video showed highlights of the England vs Iran game from the ongoing 2022 tournament. 

Eventually, the streamer returned to his computer to turn off the cacophony of the video combined with the sound of Skype ringing. However, a good thirty seconds have already passed when xQc’s stream showed multiple highlights of past and present World Cup matches. 

This is long enough for any automated systems that track for copyright infringements, to pick up xQc’s stream. Twitch’s DMCA information page says that the platform can disable a live stream or suspend an account if “the claimed infringement is continuing at the time we receive the rights holder’s notification.” 

Although some Twitch streamers have the right to stream and comment on the World Cup, xQc is not one of them. So far, the company doesn’t seem to have noticed the streamer’s mistake. However, Twitch had before brought down the ban hammer on xQc. Last year, the platform suspended xQc for five hours for streaming NBC’s coverage of the Olympic games.

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