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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • Following a rough LCK spring season, Afreeca Freecs are bringing in Han “Leo” Gyeo-re as their new ADC
  • The incumbent Bae “Bang” Junk-sik will be replaced by Leo
  • Both Bang and Leo were among the worst-performing 

Afreeca Freecs is looking to improve on an ailing performance by bringing Han “Leo” Gyeo-re into the fold and starting next season with a new ADC. 

Leo Joins Afreeca Freecs to Strengthen ADC Position 

Afreeca Freecs is no chance name in the competitive League of Legends community. Despite the recent slump in LCK during the spring season, the organization is still one of the most successful ones, and to remain such, it’s undertaking some reorganization. 

Enter Han “Leo” Gyeo-re, who has left Liiv SANDBOX and is now joining Afreeca to strengthen the team and bring the fresh blood it may need to get things off the ground once again. 

While Leo’s relationship with Liiv SANDBOX has fizzled out because of the team struggling to break in the top spots of the league, his new home at Afreeca Freecs may be just what he needs to get things running. 

The team tweeted about Leo’s addition, asking fans to give the new addition a cheering ovation as his name was revealed. Leo will be standing in as ADC and try to improve on Bae “Bang” Jun-sik, the incumbent who has had bad a bit of a rough patch.

After a stint abroad in North America, Bang was brought back home as part of Afreeca’s roster, but he didn’t quite meet expectations. However, Leo and Bang are more or less on par when it comes to stats this last season, with their ADC track record lacking compared to everything else in the LCK.

To move past this, though, Afreeca decided that it needs a new player. Hopefully, Leo can prove someone whom the team can work on, identifying mistakes and skills that need to improve to help Afreeca come back stronger next season.  

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