Saturday, June 10, 2023

About us

Esports Grizzly is a publication dedicated to bringing you the most relevant content from the world of esports. We cover the latest developments from the industry and business of competitive video gaming, including but not limited to individual games, colleges, and mobile esports, events and industry-altering big data.

Our editorial team is committed to providing you with accurate, factual and timely information from the world of competitive video gaming. We bring you the latest developments in the industry and make sense of the big industry stories with apt coverage.

Esports Grizzly has numerous products to offer, including news, analyses, opinions, interviews and dedicated podcasts discussing the big topics of the day, month and year. We bring the focus on competitive video gaming as well as the everyday news buzz around games and events.

We will provide you with updated odds and statistics directly from esports betting sites as well as cover match results and esports developments within each specific game community. Our team is equally committed to providing readers with guides as well as blog posts where we hear from some of the biggest names in esports who have a sit-down with us to talk anything esports.

Code of Conduct

To ensure the highest standards of reporting, our team is committed to upholding specific criteria of good journalism and honest writing.

  • Esports Grizzly writers are committed to ensuring the highest standards of critical journalism are met. Compliance and implementation of the guidelines stated here are the exclusive responsibilities of the chief editor.
  • Esports Grizzly's staff will commit to ensuring that all published materials are free of bias or purposefully misleading readers. Independent opinions may still be expressed outside of the news columns.
  • Esports Grizzly is not accepting paid advertisement in the form of articles nor does the website endorse products that have no proven merit. When submitting a product for review, Esports Grizzly remains free to render a final opinion.
  • Esports Grizzly will act swiftly on ensuring that corrections are applied promptly regarding any piece of content, regardless of its medium, should such a mistake be brought to our attention.
  • Esports Grizzly will disclose in writing when the companies, products or events written about are part of or associated with the publication or our parent company.
  • Esports Grizzly does not produce paid content. We stick to our guidelines for good journalism and act solely on them and in good faith.

Meet the Team

  • Iwona BaluchIwona has been part of the esports scene for years now, attending IEM Katowice and various other tournaments as a fan in Poland, Ukraine and Germany. She speaks five languages and enjoys the community side of gaming more so the purely competitive edge. Her soft touch allows us to keep the plurality of our opinions on point.
  • Alexander TodorovAlexander's first brush with esports was back in 2010 when his brother introduced him to Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. Despite his competitive FPS background, Alex never really shook off his love for real-time strategies and he's actively following the SC II and Warcraft III scenes. He's also interested in Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch and when he's not having a bit of fun writing for video gaming he's spending time with his son.
  • Stoyan TodorovStoyan has been a freelance writer for three years now with an extensive understanding of various industries in and outside of gaming. His passion for esports is what brings him to Esports Grizzly today where he helps us establish a reliable and content-rich editorial policy to help us keep our readers informed.