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Published: December 9, 2022

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  • Rainbow 6 has seen a stable increase in popularity over the past years
  • This rises the need for more live data tracking on competitive matches
  • Abios takes up the challenge of providing this data as fast as possible

Right after Ubisoft introduced Ranked 2.0 to Rainbow Six Siege, Abios comes at just the right time to provide industry-leading esports data tracking.

Abios Expands Into Competitive R6

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has seen a big rise in popularity over the past few years. Its reliance on excellent team communication and tight tactical-focused gameplay make it a thrilling esport to watch. With the growth the game has seen comes the need for more and better live data feeds on various statistics that might intrigue players and viewers of the game.

This is where Abios comes in. It is a service that provides industry-leading esports data and technology for customers all over the globe. This includes data services, and widgets for the most popular esports titles including CS:GO, League of Legends, VALORANT, and Dota 2. Moist recently, the company has expanded its coverage to include high-level R6 competition. 

“We’re happy to be able to expand our data offering for Rainbow 6. given a more granular data feed we are now able to support a variety of important projects and use cases,” said Computer Vision Team Lead at Abios Rasmus Johns. “Whether a customer plans to implement up-to-date live scores or support a fantasy league, our data feeds are there to support.”

What Will Abios Provide?

Abios’ expansion into R6 comes at just the right time as Ubisoft introduced Ranked 2.0 to R6 this Monday. The new system seems to be well received by players and the next competitive season of the game will be played using it. Abios will use machine learning algorithms that watch images of streams to determine what happens in a given match. This will allow the company to provide data to customers at speeds roughly on par with public streams. More information on how that works can be seen on Abios’ Rainbow Six CV.

The service is well-positioned to take advantage of the newly begun season. Each season is divided into three stages, during which regional leagues are held to determine the four best teams in each region. The end of each stage has regional Majors in which only the best teams compete. The R6 competitive season ends with The Six Invitational, which is held to determine the yearly world champions of Rainbow 6. 

With the introduction of the new ranked system, R6 is already seeing a stable climb in player numbers. This means that Abios comes at just the right time to capitalize on the increased player base. 

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