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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Halo’s official Twitter account posted a cryptic video with the caption 6.27.2023
  • Many fans started speculating this is a teaser about an upcoming battle royal mode
  • Streamers have long said that Hali Infinite needs such a mode to be more relevant

A Halo Infinite battle royal mode has been teased by 343 Industries since last year and a recent cryptic video has once again reignited fans’ hopes.

Trailer Hypes Fans

Over the past years, battle royals have become a staple of the FPS genre, with many franchises either adopting the game mode or being built around it. Despite that, other games have not yet done so, despite their developers sometimes promising they would add such a feature to their titles.

Halo certainly falls in this latter category, as despite there being rumors of a Halo battle royal already last year, 343 Industries have yet to produce such a thing. However, this might change as a recent cryptic trailer posted on the official Halo Twitter account hints at something big coming in less than a week.

The trailer in question is just a short 12-second video showing a logo of a Spartan helmet surrounded by what appears to be some sort of toxic gas. The caption of the video simply reads “6.27.23”, marking the date when we will either receive more information or get a big update to the game.

While the trailer leaves much to the imaginations, was were quick to start theorizing that this is a tease for the announcement of the battle royal mode, which has been rumored to be in development for months. Some have pointed out the, admittedly not very many, details of the trailer are clues that the feature is coming to the game. “Ok, hear me out. The hazmat suits are to survive the toxic gas,” one comment reads. “The toxic gas is the “ring” effect for the Battle Royale that is going to launch on the 27th!”

The addition of a battle royal mode to Halo Infinite has been somewhat of a dividing issue in the community. Some players have said that the game doesn’t need to follow what other titles are doing and that this is not in the “spirit” of Halo. Meanwhile, others have said that the game needs a battle royal mode because it’s a popular feature of other titles, and its addition would increase Halo Infinite’s relevance. The latter opinion has been shared by a multitude of streamers and other pro gamers, including NICKMERKS, who thinks Halo should have a battle royal mode in order to stay relevant in today’s market.

While a majority of players may want 343 Industries to add the game mode to Halo Infinite, the company has yet to confirm anything. There’s a non-trivial chance that fans’ speculations might turn out quite wrong, so what remains is just to wait and see what the studio announces on June 27.

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