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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

Reaching young audiences is what many brands want to achieve. Yet, not all know how to market their products and to whom. Esports proves a gateway to millions of customers with plenty of disposable income, and Streamcoi knows how to help individual brands access this space. 

Streamcoi allows brands to enter esports and deliver targeted campaigns intelligently across multiple video channels. Similarly, the company works with established esports organizations to boost its footprint. The future of marketing belongs to video content, and most brands are now waking up to this reality. Lucky for them, Streamcoi is waiting on the other side to help them through.

Today, we speak with Streamcoi Product Lead Jakub Janaszek, who helps us understand how the solution works and why streaming plays a pivotal role in promoting brand identity.

Q: Jakub, could you help us understand how Streamcoi works and why it’s an integral part of establishing a brand’s identity?

We provide a simple dashboard with which a manager can remotely execute marketing campaigns involving multiple Twitch or Youtube streamers. At the same time, it saves their and streamers’ time and improves activations for partners. Nowadays, live streaming is one of the best ways to reach the gaming audience. Brands that can appear there naturally, understanding the needs of the creators, will gain not only a real improvement in sales but, above all, a strengthening of the image.

Q: Is Streamcoi fully focused on esports, or do you venture beyond competitive video gaming as well?

We support all live streaming, and there are many industries outside of esports in this area. Although professional gamers and gaming influencers generate the most significant numbers on Twitch or YT, more and more regions are moving online and starting to stream. One example was Fan Controlled Football, which shifted the matches online and allowed fans to decide how the competition advanced. 

Q: Who are your clients? Are they traditional esports companies or do you get interested in brands looking to secure an entry outside of the space?

Our clients are anyone who manages multiple streamers or channels on streaming platforms, such as esports teams (whether they are pro player or entertainment-focused), marketing agencies, talent agencies, tournament organizers, and brands who manage influencers.

Q: How do you gauge whether streaming campaigns are successful? What metrics are essential for you and your clients?

Although reporting statistics from live streaming is different from traditional media, we try to create understandable reports for conventional marketing. Apart from the basic statistics such as average viewers or hours watched, we measure the statistics from the moment the campaign appears on the screen, which shows how many impressions or clicks were generated by the activation, not only by the entire broadcast.

Q: Do streamers benefit from those same marketing campaigns that help brands boost their exposure?

One of our primary goals is to minimize streamers’ work, which frees them to focus on creating content. As a result, the content displayed by Streamcoi users is not intrusive ads but in-stream content related to the game or the creator. Our reporting system also allows us to accurately determine the performance of each streamer, which enables them to track and improve their performance.

Q: What are your expectations for 2022?
When entering the stock market FaZe Clan labeled themselves as an “entertainment group”, rather than an “esports team”. However, live streaming has already become an essential part of marketing, and I think in 2022, it will only grow. From our perspective, we already have some major esports teams and agencies among our clients. In 2022 we want to strengthen our position among brands working directly with streamers.

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