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Published: April 12, 2023

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  • G2 were defeated on Nuke on which they previously had a 16-map winning streak
  • The Poles took the early lead but G2 almost turned them over in the second half
  • 9INE’s hades explained why they managed to defeat G2 because they have watched them closely

BLAST Paris Major Europe RMR B’s first round has ended with the surprising defeat of the world’s number one team G2 at the hands of a team dozens of places below them.

9INE Defeat G2

Fans recently saw perhaps the biggest upset in the current BLAST Paris Major series with the best team in the world G2 falling to Polish squad 9INE, a team currently ranked 34 spots below them. G2 are going into the 0-1 pool and will face the tournament’s lowest-ranked team, iNation.

What makes 9INE’s victory even more fascinating is that the Poles managed to defeat G2 on Nuke, a map on which the mixed European roster held a 16-winning streak. This is perhaps what led to the match being quite close, with 9INE barely inching forward just enough to claim victory, finishing the map with a 16-14 score. 

One would not think the match would be so close, as the Polish team took the initiative from the very start, in large part thanks to Olek “?hades?” Miskiewicz, who led the team on a successful defense on the CT side. 9INE managed to get a comfortable 10-5 lead by the end of the first half. 

However, G2 were not about to let a team dozens of spots below them take the victory so easily. The mixed European roster recovered quickly once they had to defend in large part thanks to a crucial pistol round and a Rasmus “?HooXi?” Nielsen 1v2 clutch. G2 then quickly caught up to 9INE and even took the lead, with the lead 14-13. 

But as it looked like they were about to quickly wrap up the game, a final push from 9INE in the 28th round evened out the score. Over the final two rounds, 9INE took advantage of G2’s aggression in yard before closing it out with a fast upper hit to win the match in a close 16-14. 

“From what I saw from the coach’s perspective, which is not always biased, I would say that they did not prepare that much for us,” 9INE’s coach Piotr “?nawrot?” Nawrocki said after the match. “We still use things that we were using before we played them and it worked. We caught them off-guard a lot so I don’t think they prepared that much for us.”

Hades, meanwhile, explained how his team managed to defeat one of the current CS:GO favorites, saying it’s because 9INE are fans of G2 and watch them a lot, so they know what the European team does. “We watch G2 all the time and we take a lot of stuff from them, and we just added some of our stuff, and it somehow worked!”

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