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Published: July 20, 2021

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  • Esports organization 100 Thieves has launched a collaboration project with luxury fashion house Gucci 
  • As a result, a new luxurious backpack is available on 100 Thieves’ store for $2,400
  • Additionally, 100 Thieves’ content creators have showcased various Gucci apparel items that fans can purchase 

100 Thieves has engaged in yet another exciting collaboration, this time with the luxury fashion house Gucci. 

100 Thieves and Gucci Partner for a New Backpack

Famous esports organization 100 Thieves is partnering with Gucci’s luxury fashion house with a message of “freedom and self-expression” in mind. 

As a result, the two involved parties have released a brand new apparel item that combines utility with fashion – the so-called “Off the Grid” backpack. It is available for purchase by fans of both esports and fashion for $2,400. The Off the Grid backpack itself is bright red in color, has numerous fresh-looking side pockets, and sports the logos of both 100 Thieves and Gucci. 

100 Thieves also released a promotional video where their content creators are dressed up with some of the best apparel Gucci has to offer, although those aren’t new items but already pre-existing pieces in Gucci’s store. However, should 100 Thieves’ fans like their esports idols’ fresh new look, they can get it since the clothing articles will be readily available for purchase as a part of the partnership. Additionally, fans can purchase some of the items separately or even explore the fashion house for other apparel options. 

Fans can take a good look and choose what they like or simply get the new unique bag that has been created for the collaboration. 

Fashion Continues its Journey in Esports

Fashion has been becoming more and more popular in esports as all kinds of brands have been focusing on creating apparel marketed toward the gamer demographic. While most of those projects have been mainly focused on streetwear or tactical style, the 100 Thieves/Gucci collaboration is a breath of fresh air that will add some variety.

However, fans should know that Gucci is an expensive brand. The looks showcased in the promotional video can be fairly expensive, with most showcased apparel reaching several thousands of dollars. Still, this serves to show that even luxurious fashion houses can’t overlook the prevalence of esports and the importance of its fans. 

100 Thieves, on the other hand, has also contributed a lot to the popularization of esports through its various partnerships and activations. Recently the organization released its first-ever unlimited edition clothing line. Earlier it partnered with anti-headache medication Excedrin in order to propagate a healthier lifestyle for gamers. 

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